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Olika Minnie -Best Hand Sanitizer Spray

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray

We have previously written about Olika brand and their Birdie hand sanitizer that comes with dry wipes. Today, we are happy to test and review a new product from Olika called Minnie.

Even though the company is located in New York and not Swedish by any means – the name Olika means ‘differently’ and the brand does bring difference into hand sanitizing. Olika made everything different starting from design and ending with the natural (where possible) ingredients.

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray Thistle

The expert that was taking care of the review did not like hand sanitizers due to the way they look, feel as well as smell, so she was the one to test and give an honest review about Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray, Olika’s new product.

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray Robin's Egg

Minnie is a different bird from Olika family, it has a larger capacity and does not have a dry wipes section at the bottom. It looks smaller, but fatter than Birdie (reminding of a penguin) and has 500+ sprays where Minnie has around 350+ sprays. The packaging has similar functionality ‘smart-twist-mechanism’ where you twist the bottom to control on or off mode and has the┬ásame spray button at the top. Minnie has a different design and comes in 4 colors, Thistle – purple with a top with pink and shiny twist-bottom, Robin’s Egg – turquoise with silver twist-bottom, Eggshell – light pink/skin color top with golden, shiny twist-bottom, and stylish Charcoal – with black/charcoal top and silver and shiny twist bottom. Each product comes in packaging of 2 and you can mix different designs or choose two of the same design.

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray Eggshell

The reason why expert did not like hand sanitizers and preferred to find a sink to wash her hands or wet napkins is that usually, sanitizers come in an unattractive rectangular packaging reminding on the house cleaning products, they have slimy and watery feeling (which is not the best feeling in the world), and strong alcohol smell, like you just washed hands with vodka that sometimes also leaves dry feeling on the skin.

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Spray Charcoal

Olika has completely changed that perception – the sanitizer design both Minnie and Birdie makes you feel that you belong to some VIP club rather than 99 cent store, it looks less bulky and even its form sits nicely in hand. It will not accidentally sanitize your bag due to twist-lock technology preventing unexpected leaks. The parts our expert liked the most – you are not going to smell like you just out of the bar, with Olika your hands are going to smell like they just off the luxury spa. The natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, lemon, bergamot, spearmint oil add hydrating effect to sanitizer and relaxing spa-like smell, which makes you feel great after applying sanitizer.

The only thing we can add is – we’re in love with Olika and wish to see more new products from the brand!


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