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Pain-Free Way To Help Fill Line and Wrinkles with Fillerina

Fillerina Day Cream Grade 1

In 2007, Labo Cosprophar Sussie, the founder of Fillerina, decided to start conducting research to find a cosmetic method that would use hyaluronic acid, a well-known anti-aging ingredient that can effectively attach and bind large water molecules to the skin, to reverse the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and aging. After a lot of research and deliberation in 2012 Fillerina was born. The first product introduced was their at-home replenishing treatment called the Dermo Replenishing treatment, a 14 day topically applied cosmetic treatment. The formulation of this treatment, like most of the brand’s products, has 6 types of hyaluronic acid molecules that are differentiated by their weight and their effectiveness to absorb into the different layers of the skin. Another major active ingredient in the products revolutionary formulation is called Matrifull. Over time this special component will promote and support the replenishment and regeneration of our skin’s natural filling substances. This includes collagen I and III, as well as fibronectin, all of which are skin naturally produces when healing and making new skin cells. All of the Fillerina products and treatments come in grades ranging from grade 1 to grade 5. Here is the breakdown of each grade from the brand’s website so that you can figure out which one will be best for you.

Grade 1: Grade 1 combats the initial appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, and uses a higher concentration of larger hyaluronic acid molecules for plumbing and hydrating the outer layers of the skin.

Grade 2: Grade 2 combats the appearance of fine expression lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging skin, that is especially apparent on the cheek bone area and lips, and is formulated with a perfect blend of different size molecules to evenly absorb into both the inner and outer layers of the skin.

Grade 3: Grade 3 combats the appearance of moderate signs of aging texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, and uses a formulation with a higher concentration of small hyaluronic acid molecules in order for the skin to absorb it into its deeper layers to fill lines and wrinkles that are set deeper into the skin.

fillerina day cream

Grade 4 & Grade 5: Grade 4 and 5 are the brands newest grades that are supposed to combat the appearance of very deep expression lines and wrinkles, loss of volume in the skin, and severe sagging of the skin. These two formulations have a lot more small hyaluronic acid molecules so that they are able to penetrate and be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin and is recommended for very mature skin types.

Fillerina Day Cream: Grade 2

Fillerina Day Cream Grade 2 claims to ensure that wrinkles and expression lines will disappear in the most painless effective way possible. This incredible formula contains 6 Hyaluronic Acid molecules that have different sizes and weights to them. The smaller hyaluronic molecules deeply penetrate the skin in order to moisturize the deeper layers while the larger molecules remain on the surface to plump, firm and fight fine lines and wrinkles and other types of aging. While it does contain a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid tha the Dermo Replenishing Treatment it still can give you amazing results if used consistently. This formulation contains ingredients including Vitamin E and exfoliating components such as Salicylic Acid that will ensure to correct and eliminate signs of aging while also providing benefits to your skin’s overall complexion. Coconut Oil, in the lipid phase, also has a presence in this day cream to retain and hold in added moistures and keep your skin elastic and soft. Other key ingredients in this day cream include saturated fatty acids which serve as a protective emollient for the skin, Vitamin A and C which give the skin antioxidants and even more protection, and Xylitol, which is an extremely hydrating sugar. The formula of this highly innovative and revolutionary day cream that will provide your skin with an amazing amount of hydration and moisture that lasts all day long while also diminishing signs of visible facial imperfections. The base of What makes this cream so effective is the fact that its main ingredient, Hyaluronic acid, has the ability to attach 1000 times its weight in water to the skin, which means it’s forcing large amounts of moisture into the skin at a concentrated rate giving your skin a downpour of moisture. The only bad thing about hyaluronic acid is that it doesn’t last very long so it needs to be applied consistently, even if you miss just a day or two of routine application your skin will revert back to its original state. Another important ingredient in this cream that helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles while also providing this formula with more long term effects is called retinyl palmitate. This ingredient is similar to retinol in that it has the ability stimulate more collagen production in the skin that in return will, over a long period of time, maintain and improve your skin’s firmness and elasticity while also dry, irritated skin, and acne prone skin.

fillerina day cream grade 1

MTF Hack: We at MyTopFace suggest using this day cream right before you out on your makeup. The Vitamin E and hyaluronic acids in this product create a soothing barrier over the skin that can function as an amazing primer for makeup.


We at MyTopFace were very impressed with this product, which makes sense with its groundbreaking formulation and it’s endless list of top of the line ingredients. This thick and luxurious cream is rich and gentle on the skin, but don’t let that fool you about how powerful and effective the product truly is. We at MyTopFace love the fact that this product also contains salicylic acid because it is one of our favorite and one of the best high-quality exfoliating ingredients on the market. We found that the exfoliating properties in this product were able to deeply penetrate into our pores in order to keep them clean and rid them of any unwanted dirt and grime that would clog them. This product, if only temporary, made our skin look smoother and brighter until the next time we applied it. We suggest pairing this day cream with an antioxidant-rich oil, cream or serum to aid in the products longevity and promote the best results for your skin. 


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