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Palms Salon – Keratin Treatment & Haircut

Our experts have discovered Palms Salon – oasis located in the West Village in Manhattan! The salon specializes in all the hair services you can expect from a hair salon, however, the main focus is not on haircuts, but on hair treatments, coloring, and retouching and correcting.

After doing our research on the salon and studying a variety of the available services it was decided we’re going to test Keratin Treatment and Haircut.

Palms Salon Keratin Treatment

This is a busy salon that is taking care of hair and souls under the palm trees – beautiful hair is a happy soul! Our expert came in and was greeted by Spartak – a hair expert with over 10 years of experience working with hair. Before the process started, Spartak studied experts’ hair and prepared everything for the procedure – attention to details is extremely important to achieve the desired result.

While Spartak was doing his magic our expert did a little interview about his experience, services, and the salon:

– Spartak, how did your hairstylist journey begin?

My hairstylist journey started back in 2009. I finished school at The Aveda Institute in Los Angeles and started working in the Beverly Hills area. I have had the honor of working alongside celebrity stylists such as Ken Paves, Neeko and Tanya Abriol.

– What are your favorite hair services to perform and why?

My favorite hair services are balayage/ foilage Airtouch techniques! I love creating lived-in blended looks for my beautiful guests where the color perfectly enhances their skin tone. I love working with both blondes and brunettes to enhance their natural features with color placement. Using dry cutting techniques to create textured looks on longer hair is also my favorite!

Keratin Treatment Palms Salon

– You did keratin treatment for MyTopFace Expert, tell us, what products/brands, process and what is the service all about?

Yes, I used the GK Keratin Treatment! This is one of the best keratin treatments on the market. It is formaldehyde-free and the process is not aggressive like most keratins on the market, while still providing a big impact with long-lasting results. This treatment removes frizz creating a silkier look for straight, wavy and curly hair. This makes it possible to have more wash and go moments with shiny, smooth healthy-looking hair. Don’t we all want that?!

– You also performed your signature haircut with the hair trimmer to perform a more straight/even cut – please tell readers about this technique!

When the hair is long I prefer to cut dry. I specifically used clippers to cut MyTopFace experts hair because it allows for that crisp, clean blunt effect.

– What’s you three must-have beauty products which should be in each woman’s bathroom to have gorgeous hair?

Nowadays it’s all about texture. My favorite three go-to products will be:

– Davines “This is a Dry Texture” Texturizing Spray
– AG Texturizing Gloss
– R and Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo

– How do you relax when not at work?

Right now I am at a place in my life where career is at the forefront and I love it. This is my second time re-establishing a clientele as I recently moved from Los Angeles to NYC. I am enjoying rebuilding, however, my passion during downtime is to give back to my community through volunteering. When I lived in Los Angeles I partnered up with Lava Mae and every week we used to go to downtown Los angels and provide free haircuts for the homeless. I also love being on set doing editorial work with different photographers and models besides working behind the chair in a salon.

Palms Salon Spartak

– What are your beauty tips for healthy-looking hair?

Since we do a lot of lightening services I always educate my clients on the at-home care part which is very important to maintain their look in between appointments. A mask such as AG’s Repairative Mask is my go-to post bleach service. If you color your hair, in general, it is imperative to use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair such as Alfaparf Repairative Shampoo and Alfaparf Nutritive Mask.

I also like to teach my guests how to get that undone waved look at home with the blowout and ironing techniques I do. It is important to have a good quality blowdryer at home and the right size curling iron to achieve the styled looks we see on Instagram or Pinterest. Don’t forget a heat protectant- AG Deflect is great to prep the hair before adding heat.

After the procedure, we had a please to interview Brittany the Palms Salon owner:

– Brittany, how did your career in the hair/beauty industry start?

When I realized college wasn’t for me and I wanted to work with people to build them up through self-expression.

Palms Salon

– What’s the most challenging part of being an owner in the hair salon business?

Challenging but most rewarding – empowering and giving my team the tools to thrive and succeed in an industry where the possibilities are limitless. Hair has evolved and changed over the last 10 years and I am committed to inspiring and motivating my team to stay ahead of the curve by building their own brand within our space. My team is my reason for everything. At Palms, you feel the love and support we have for one another. Because of this, you will always be well taken care of and in the best hands.

– What’s your favorite hair trend?

Lived in color and contoured highlighting. I don’t even know what we did before root shadows were a thing! Lived in beach blondes and piecy rooty looks on brunettes with a customized money piece, of course. This is my favorite time period for hair color- hair color finally has its own lane, it’s a fashion statement in itself. It not just about “covering greys” or “being really blonde” it’s about creating a whole vibe or a look that embodies who you are.

– What’s your favorite hair care hack?

Dry Shampoo! For texture and prolonging style in between washes.

– Who has more fun Blondes or Brunettes? Why?

Both! I mean – Blondes and Brondes! Highlights are magic. Anyone who has a gorgeous highlight automatically feels sexier and looks more luxe. Dimension is key for those “it girl” vibes. Fun for everyone.

– What’s your hair beauty everyday routine?
Wake up with bed head and take a flat iron or a curling iron to it for relaxed boho waves. My Hot Heads tape-in extensions make waking up and waving my hair easy with how much volume they provide for effortless styling in a pinch.

Our expert reported: -‘Palms Salon is a truly unique place where you can not only get hair done but also get your hair ‘repaired’ from previous bad experience, get colored, retouched, cut, consulted, and advised by professionals. I am extremely happy with my hair and result after Spartak worked on them, and I am even more happy with my overall experience with Palms Salon – well done!’.


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