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Parissa Natural Wax – Amazing Home Waxing


When it comes to the body hair we always look for new best tools and products that can make our skin smooth and hair-free! There are many different opinions about body hair, however, most women and even some of the men still do not like the way hair looks and feels.

MyTopFace has visited different salons to remove body hair and wrote about products too, but today we are going to talk about amazing waxing products that can be used for hair treatment at home, in the office, sports club, vacation or on the go.

Visiting a salon can be a headache – you need to make an appointment, dedicate time and service costs may vary, while sometimes you want to have a quick and easy service at home.

Parissa Wax Strips

Today we are going to talk about a great alternative to sugaring and laser hair removal treatment. The amazing Wax is coming from Parissa, the brand founded by an exceptional woman Azar Moayeri. The story of Azar and the Parissa is very inspiring which makes their products even better. Iranian born, Azar is the first female to receive Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Edinburgh. Upon returning to Iran she started to work in the chemical company continuing to dominate male business until 1981 when she moved with her family to Canada.

While studying available products, Azar noticed that only chemical hair removers were present on the market and no natural alternatives are available. This was the time when she formulated and started to make natural hair removal products with no harsh chemical and toxins. Over the past 35 years, Parissa brand has grown from a business started in a kitchen to a large company with a full line of natural hair removal products.

In Parissa’s product line you can find products for face, brow, bikini, legs, and body, wax strips, wax for men, hot & warm wax, sugar (washable wax) as well as professional and Persian cold wax, but for our test and review, MyTopFace expert has specifically requested Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack.

The pack consists of small wax strips for face and bikini area, large strips to wax legs and body area, azulene oil to use after wax and exfoliation glove to remove the outer layer of the skins dead cells (24 hours prior the waxing). This set has everything you need to take care of hair on your body and make home waxing quick and easy.

Parissa Wax Strips Face and Bikini

The products are cruelty-free and made on a green and eco-friendly facility in Canada and Parissa takes great care of the environment. The wax is made of organic beeswax, castor oil, and tree resin without harsh chemicals added.

The facial and bikini wax vs legs and body are only different in size of the strips. The wax comes in plastic strips that need to be divided in order to apply. To use – first, warm up the strips in your hands so it’s easier to apply it to the skin, then slowly separate two strips and you will have two strips with one sticky side each. Apply the strip in direction of hair growth to a body part from where you want to remove the hair and gently press with your palm to ensure that wax sits well.

The next step is to pull skin below the strip and pull the strip into the opposite direction from where the hair grows. For best result do not pull the strip up to remove it and pull it fast.

Parissa Wax Strips Azulene Oil

After using strips apply Azulene Oil that comes in a blue ampule with the package. The azulene oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that will reduce redness and soothe the skin as well as helping avoid ingrown hair. Also, you can use ice tubes after the treatment, especially for the delicate/sensitive area. But don’t forget that you shouldn’t wash your body or face before using Parrissa wax.

MTF hack: for the best result use Parissa glow and scrub for the body twice per week to avoid ingrown hair.

MyTopFace is extremely happy with Parissa products, our expert noted that by the look of the product she already had a feeling it would bring a good result, however she still expected irritated skin after the procedure but was surprised that skin felt like it did not do any waxing. Parissa provides a detailed description and educates on how to use their products, on the site you can find video guides for every product available in the line and we’re glad to see that brand is working to bring the best results for you.

We are in love with Parissa and it’s our favorite way to remove unwanted hair!


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