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Perfectly Beautiful Skin with the Perfect Image Skincare and Face Peel Range

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Its always exciting when our experts at MyTopFace come across a line of skin care that has really hit the mark with perfection and pure dedication like no other skincare range around. Well with the fabulous products we have been privileged to try out from Perfect Image, we can honestly say that we have been radically impressed withe their yummilicious and fruity inspired skincare products, which have really been making some phenomenal changes to our skin. Perfect Image was born from the idea of wanting to create and manufacture a line of specialized products which would also include and incorporate a number of different high-performance ingredients, allowing their skincare and face peel range of products to literally result in a change to the skin, in a fast and quick way, something that lets be honest, is actually missing from the industry!

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Sure, you’ll find a ton of products that promise you fast and amazing results, but rarely do they actually deliver on their promises. Well, Perfect Image, may actually be making this change, and shaping the way we’ve looked at skincare products before! This is because Perfect Image have managed to come up with the perfect concentration of ingredients in their products which allows it to actually deliver on results promised, we fell in love with the following products from their skincare range, and we know you will too.

Pumpkin Pineapple Enzyme Peel

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Getting a professional face peel done on your face can cost a fortune, and so many times, it will leave your skin feeling a lot more sensitive than it should be! Well, not with this Pumpkin Pineapple Enzyme Peel, with a high concentration vitamins A, C, a clever combination of beta-carotene, potassium and even zinc, the peel will keep your skin looking even, way less blotchy, removes the dead skin cells and also fights against free radicals and sun damage that your skin may have been exposed to.

Make sure that you follow the instructions properly and take it slow and easy when doing a face peel yourself, you don’t want to over do it, as too many face peels at too fast a pace can cause damage instead of doing good. We loved the gentle scents of papaya that spreads out with this peel, and whats great about papaya is that, not only will give provide your skin with exfoliation but its also an extremely powerful antioxidant! The pumpkin in this peel contains some natural enzymes and the Pineapple, natural fruit enzymes, which will work absolute magic on your skin!

Salicylic Deep Clean Cleanser

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Before you treat your face to a peel you’ll want to pre-wash it with a Salicylic Deep Clean Cleanser, which will not only cleanse your skin, but will also prep your skin for the peel. This luscious facial foaming deep gel cleanser, which has been manufactured with salicylic acid, which is also known as beta hydroxy acid, as well as glycolic acid, which all aids in the exfoliation of the dead skin cells from your skin. Cutting through the dirt and nastiness that your skin can pick up from makeup and general dirt on a day to day basis, as well as going even deeper into the skin to help bring out the oils underneath the skins surface. This is the absolute perfect pre-wash for your face if you’re going to do a peel, and we could definitely recommend using it before doing a gel peel on your skin.

Hydra-Repair Wrinkle Cream

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Again, another product that you absolutely MUST have if you’re planning on doing a face peel. This Hydra-Repair Wrinkle Cream from Perfect Image has been once again expertly formulated with a lush combination of gorgeous natural plant extracts, including cooling cucumber, soothing green tea, and softly gentle chamomile, all of which will help provide your skin with intense treatment for after peel care. Including properties anti-inflammability’s, anti-fungal’s, as well as antioxidants, which will all help to protect and replenish your skin, after it has been through a peel. The clever combination of ingredients has also  been designed to repair and re-hydrate your skin, and of course assist in the covering up of wrinkles. We’ve fallen head over heels with this wrinkle cream, it has the softest and most gentle scent to it, and really sucks into the skin.

Hydro-Glo Peel Pads

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These Hydro-Glo Peel Pads are basically a little bottle of divine little peel pads from heaven! Seriously, we loved these so much, they bring out the glow and natural dewiness of your skin, evening out your skin tone and taking it back to the more natural and original you! These pads have been created to be gluten free, and will definitely brighten your skin up and improve the tone and texture of it. We have loved using these pads, and within a couple of days could already feel the difference that it made to our skin. Our faces are looking younger and brighter than ever! This sis a must have products to add to your weekly facial routine., and is much easier and gentler than a peel.

Glycolic 30% Gel Peel


This highly professional and superbly formulated Glycolic 30% Gel Peel has been specifically designed to assist in the reduction of wrinkles  and fine lines, and of course like all the other fabulous peels from Perfect Image, to help uneven skin texture straighten itself out!So many women are scared of trying out face peel’s especially home based ones, but we can honestly say that all that fear flew out the window, when we got to trying out the two peels from Perfect Image that we did, our skin felt more rejuvenated and even than ever before.

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All of the Perfect Image skin care products have been made and manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility within the USA, are GMP Compliant, have no sulfates or parabens and are completely gluten free! They are also cruelty free, which means none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals and they also use recycled and sustainable raw materials and practices in the manufacturing of their products – how much more perfect can you get than that!? Natural and organic skincare will take your skin to a new level.


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