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Perfectly Poised Purple Eye Shadow Tricks


Oh boy, oh boy! How fabulous is it that purple eye shadow has once again been brought back to the catwalks this year, and not very gently either, no, no, purple eye shadow is back with a bang and it’s going to absolutely rock your world! No matter what colour eyes you have, we’ll show you how to create perfectly poised purple eye shadow looks for your green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes and hazel eyes!

Purple eye shadow may seem quite daunting at first, but hey, if Vera Wang was one of the first fashion designers to decide that purple eye shadow must be on every single one of her models at this year’s New York Fashion week, then you have to know, that choosing a purple palette when it comes to eye shadows is going to totally keep you on trend with the best and latest of the makeup and beauty world! So, to make life easier for you all, here at MyTopFace, we’ve decided that we’ll show you exactly how to wear purple eye shadow, no matter what colour eyes you have.

Purple eye shadow can very often be a understated and regal palette to work with, and most girls would shy away from this colour pallet, thinking that it’s too flashy, too 80’s or just too dated for today’s trendy style and era, but that’s where you’re so very wrong ladies. Purple eye shadow can be used with any eye tone and look fabulous, it’s really just a matter of choosing the correct shade of purple to suit your eyes and skin tone! Our favourite purple palette to work with for these looks is of course, from MAC.

Gorgeous Green Eyes with Purple Tones


Green eyes are the absolute perfect pair of eyes to match up with purple tones and hues, as the two colours really do complement each other. If you want to pull off the purple eye shadow trend just perfectly for your green eyes then go for a darker and richer shade of purple on the part of your eyelid, closest to your eyelashes. Then finish it off with some lighter tones of purple and a a nice sleek line of eyeliner, loads of mascara and you’re set.

Purple Shades for Brown Eyed Beauties

purple eyeshadow

Brown eyes and purple shades may seem a bit daunting at first and we must admit we were a bit nervous to take this one on, but purple hues on brown eyes really work quite beautifully! Of course your eye shadow pallet would be a little different from the rest as you want to make the brown in your eyes really work with the purple tones. Choose a darker shade of purple eye shadow to use as your base colour and then work in some bronzy brown with a blending brush. Perfection.

Make Your Blue Eyes Shine with Purple Hues


We know what you’re thinking, purple with blue eyes, really? Isn’t that too close to actually work well together, but that’s where you’re wrong, using purple eye shadow with your blue eyes us actually the perfect combination. Purple is essentially derived from blue, so using cool and light shades of purple eye shadow will really bring out the blue in your eyes and make the purple hues pop with adventure! You’ll look smashingly gorgeous, guaranteed.


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