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Perlier – Italian Dream Skincare

Perlier is an Italian beauty brand with over 80 years of history specializing in skincare. Perlier has a team of chemists, pharmacists, scientists, and agricultural specialists that create powerful and natural plant-based skincare products. The corporate office of Perlier located in La Carignana, outskirts of Turin and surrounded not by skyscrapers but by 150 acres of nature and gardens. Perlier combines old world and nature mixed with modern world science.

Excited by brand history we chose three product for our test and review: Imperial Honey Drops Super Nourishing Body Cream, Golden Almond Bi-Phase Oil, and Royal Elixir Cream of Youth.

Imperial Honey Drops Super Nourishing Body Cream – is a perfect product to moisturize your skin. Made with honey harvested by black bees and royal jelly this product nourishes, moisturizes, restores the skin and gives the shine to the body. The product looks like yogurt with oats and has a gentle calming scent. Use the Imperial Honey after taking a shower or bath by massaging it into your skin.

Perlier Imperial Honey Drops Super Nourishing Body Cream

Golden Almond Bi-Phase Oil – is a product that helps with skin dryness and crepiness. Bi-phase means that the product is incorporated two very different formulas into one. Perlier has incorporated Pure Avola’s Almond oil from Sicily with Vitamin E to create this anti-dryness ingredient.

The Golden Almond Oil hydrates the skin, helping to improve skin elasticity making it look firm, youthful and healthy. To use the product shake the bottle to mix the two phases, apply few drops on to the most critical areas massaging it into the skin with circular movements.

Perlier Golden Almond Bi-Phase Oil

Royal Elixir Cream of Youth – is one of the best products to use in the cold time of the year when your skin is dehydrated and need extra moisture and protection. Royal Elixir creates a protective barrier and designed to treat most fragile parts of the skin. One of the main ingredients is the royal jelly that contains natural vitamins and minerals that leads to collagen production. Enriched with flower waxes and natural-based butters and oils helping to moisturize and soothe the skin providing extra elasticity.

The cream is literally melting on the skin after applying and absorbs really well. The cream has no added scents or fragrances and feels really good on the skin.

Perlier Royal Elixir Cream of Youth

Our testing expert noted that products are of extremely high-quality and perfect for any type of skin. They moisturize and hydrate really well and make skin look younger and protected. This product is a perfect base for foundation or tint.

Perlier – love at first try!


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