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Pierre Michele Salon – Head Spa Facial with Yoshie

Pierre Michel Head Spa Facial

We can come to Yoshie from Pierre Michele salon over and over again, she is very nice and professional. Today we came in for new and unique Head Spa Facial which is so popular these days.

Little heads up for someone who wants to try this outstanding service you should know that Yoshie, is not just a hairstylist or colorist, but she is also a certified Head Spa educator.

Yoshie starts the process by checking the health of the scalp and hair with a special magnifying glass to ensure that she can perform the treatment and that it’s needed.


The next step is to pick a scent for Head Spa facial – our expert chose citrus because we are strong believers that aromatherapy really helps boosting positive energy, especially, if you have an appointment in the morning.

During the procedure we did a little interview with Yoshie about the process:

Yoshie, please tell us about the Detox Facial for Scalp – what are the steps?

The process consists of five steps:

Step 1 – Shampooing with MILBON Scalp Purifying Gel Shampoo to normalize the scalp.

Step 2 – Apply Spa Mist (generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles) to gently opens up the hair’s cuticle later and follicles.

Step 3 – Massage scalp following the points with MILBON Cleansing Spa Gel.

Step 4 – Condition with MILBON Hydrating Treatment.

Step 5 – Treat with Soothing Scalp Moisturizer

Does Head Spa treatment has many benefits for those who lost hair?

Yes, it does! It stimulates nourishing blood circulations to the hair follicles.

How long does the process take?

I have 2 menus: One is for 45min (Basic Head Spa) the other one takes an hour (Luxury Head Spa)

What about clients with double-process treated hair or after Keratin treatment, are they can also get it?

Yes, the products are Keratin and Color safe.

pierre michel

How often a person with itchy scalp can do Head Spa treatment?

It could be every week! I recommend  having Head Spa done at least every 2 weeks to improve the scalp conditions.

Is it true that the Head Spa helps with lifting your facial muscles and delay the anti-aging process?

Yes, it is very true, I massage scalp following the points to lift up the large muscles. The scalp massage follows the points to pull up muscles, aponeuroses, and skin covering the cranium to original positions, lifting up the scalp. Think about the gravity. Everything going down if you don’t take care of them!

We know that in Japan scalp facial is a normal routine like mani/pedi – why is it so popular?

Head Spa was originally developed in Japan and influenced by Indian Ayurveda practice. We basically added Shiatsu Head massage (Shiatsu means finger pressure massage in Japanese). Having Shiatsu body massage and head massage is something very popular to Japanese people to keep a healthy mind and body.

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We can’t wait to try other upcoming services with Yoshie at Pierre Michelle and you should too! Let us know how was your Head Spa at Pierre Michele experience on our social media channels for a chance get featured.


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