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PreHeels Spray Keep Your Feet Safe


Being beautiful is not just wearing makeup or taking care of your skin and body, but also what you wearing. Even the most comfortable dress becomes not-so-comfortable by the end of the day, and same with shoes! However, shoes can be a bigger problem even if you wearing sneakers or orthopedic shoes.

Today, we are going to talk about how to protect, prepare, and take care of your feet. If you stand a lot through your day or have to wear heels all day, or simply you just got a new pair of this amazing shoes – your feet are getting tired and damaged by your shoes. We love wearing heels as well as running shoes, but most of the time if the shoes are new or you spend a long time in them you get blisters on your feet. Blisters are painful, don’t look nice and if you don’t take care of them they can do a further damage. So what can you do to keep wearing your favorite pair of shoes along with the smile and not pain grimace?


Our experts were searching through all kinds of possible products, from creams to band-aids, but it’s either post-care of already damaged feet or something that doesn’t work or doesn’t look nice. It wouldn’t look good if your band-aid sticks out of your Louboutins, right?

After thorough research, we have found PreHeels, a brand that creates a product that takes protects your feet from any type of shoe. The PreHeels is really an amazing solution that took care of the shoe problem on a different level, this is not a balm that doesn’t do anything except giving a nice smell, this is not your pretend-to-be-invisible band-aid sticker – PreHeels is a spray. Could you imagine you can protect your feet with spray? We didn’t.

PreHeels spray creates an invisible barrier that quickly dries and blocks friction between the skin on your feet and the shoe, preventing blisters, irritation, and hot spots. It works like an invisible sock that you can wear with any kind of shoe without making your feet look ugly and it protects for 6+ hours.

It works pretty easily and no magic is required: first, clean your feet, make sure it’s dry and doesn’t have any creams, lotions, or balms. Spray the top and the back of your feet, our expert also sprayed her soles for the test. Let the spray dry for about 1 – 2 minutes and then spray again to add another layer of protection. The next step is to wear your favorite pair of shoes! When you ready to take your shoes off after the long day or before changing to another pair – wash off the coating with a wet washcloth.

PreHeels Spray

This a hypoallergenic spray, that is gentle on your skin and recommended by dermatologists. It is flexible and taking shape of your feet, so you won’t feel it while wearing it. The spray is very durable and will last through most of the day. It is totally invisible and won’t leave any marks or stains on your shoes or feet.

The whole MyTopFace office is in love with PreHeels and now you can see us on the heels more often – thanks to Preheels!


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