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Prepare for Summer Festivities with VoluMedic and BikiniBod

VoluMedic products

The festivities of summer are just beginning! If you haven’t started prepping, it’s still early enough to start. Below are some summer festivity favorites from our Mytopface Experts.

Shampoo, Moisturizing Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and Scalp Stimulator

VoluMedic Products

I don’t know about you, but our Experts at Mytopface are in the midst of getting ready for some summer festivities! We tackled our skin care challenges, our tanning challenges, and now we are onto our hair challenges! We tried out VoluMedic, and we think we found our answer! The four VoluMedic products we tried are VoluMedic ShampooVoluMedic Moisturizing Shampoo, their VoluMedic Thickening Conditioner, and VoluMedic Scalp Stimulator.

The Shampoo cleans and builds body without sulfate stripping your vital nutrients and hair color. So for those of you who like to color your hair, you are in luck! Make sure your hair is completely wet, and massage the scalp evenly, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

The Moisturizing Shampoo is similar to the Shampoo, but it specializes in retaining the moisture in the hair, so it’s perfect for those of you who have processed hair, wash your hair more often than others, or apply a lot of heat. You can alternate between shampoos depending on your lifestyle and environment.

Our MytopFace Expert reported that she alternates between the two depending on how harsh she is on her hair each week, and her hair is adjusting just fine. The Thickening Conditioner performs exactly what it is named to be. A thickener. The Conditioner thickens each hair shaft, adding tremendous body, and adding life to thinner hair. Not only does it thicken, but it strengthens.

VoluMedic Shampoo

Apply this Conditioner after Shampooing. Just using once a day, preferably on shampoo day, our one Mytopface expert found the Scalp Stimulator to be her favorite out of the four products. She said the Stimulator treated her color-treated hair just fine, and it left her scalp feeling so much healthier, as it’s normally dry. Oh, and this company does not test on animals. Fix your hair care challenge, just like we at Mytopface fixed ours!

Now that our hair care challenge is completed, let’s tackle our bikini-ready body challenge. BikiniBod has two great products that achieve the same goal, and below we will tell you what our Experts thought about them!

Beauty Sleep & The Ultimate Beauty Body FormulaBikini Bod The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula

A bikini-ready body is what our Mytopface Experts talk about every winter, and this time we are so close to achieving our goals. BikiniBod Beauty Sleep tea supplement and Bikini Bod The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula is our little secret by BikiniBod.

We’ve been testing it out on several of our experts, and each one can’t stop raving about it. One Expert said it helped suppress her appetite, another said she got a better night’s rest after drinking it, and another said she was so happy it is gluten, gmo, dairy, and soy free as she has stomach sensitivities. You can experience the same thing! Not only is it healthy, and beneficial, but it actually tastes good.

Other teas can be bland, but not this one. Whether you like your tea hot or cold, it’ll work the same, and that’s another reason we at Mytopface love this tea! The capsules work the same wonders, the only difference is, is that it is a different form of consuming. Our one Expert actually preferred the capsules over the tea, so if that’s your preference, you can too.

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Make this summer’s festivities your best yet with all products above!


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