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Preparing for Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup

The Wedding day is a onetime event in one’s lifetime. So, everyone prefers to have each and every aspect in it to be perfect. Here are some wedding makeup tips that can help to achieve best results.

  1. Cleanser:

Long lasting look should be attained for weddings, for that start the process by cleansing the face by using a mild cleanser and pat dry the face. The cleansing process will remove the traces of oil or dirt on the face.

  1. Moisturizer:

For an even skin tone and a smooth appearance, one should moisturize the face. Moisturizer should be applied in a gentle and circular motion by using the fingertips. Make sure that the hands are clean and dry while applying the moisturizer. Dedicate two minutes to blend the moisturizer well on the skin, so that the wedding makeup will withstand for a long time by keeping the foundation and concealer in their place. For beginners, the top brands are MAC and Sally Hansen.

  1. Concealer:

If one is having any blemishes or spots, then it is important to use a concealer. Skin tones can also be brightened up by means of using a concealer. The main aspect to look out for while applying the concealer is to select the correct shade which suits one’s skin tone.

  1. Foundation:

A wedding makeup look is incomplete without applying the foundation. Apply a foundation which suits your skin tone and apply it by using a makeup brush or makeup sponge. Blend it well on the overall face especially in to the under eye area. The suggestable option for foundation is mineral foundation. It is better to avoid the foundations with SPF, since it is not photogenic.

wedding makeup

Highlighting wedding makeup tips:

Bronzer Tips:

For ravishing and sharp looks, commonly heavy contours are used on the face. Prefer angular shaped blush brush and apply strokes on the sides of the chin and the two sides along with the nose and do the same on the side of the foreheads by using the bronzer. Light strokes can be made near to the ear.

Blush tips:

On the blush brush, take some blush which suits one’s face and dress and pat the excess off, apply in strokes starting from down the cheeks and end at the top near the ears.

Eye Shadow Tips:

Mostly brides prefer to wear peachy eye makeup shades, so if one want to be safe without taking risks, boldly go for peachy eye makeup. For exterior lid shapes, use some charcoal shadow. Into the inner crease area, Smokey effect can be achieved by using brown shade. For the brow bones, golden shadow or silver shadow can also be used. For the eyebrows, use an angular brush dipped in brown powder or eyebrow pencil.

Eye Liner Tips:

Volume your eyelashes by using volume enhancing mascara. Curled brush mascara can also be used for awesome curly lashes.

Lipstick Tips:

Select the color which matches to one’s dress. For bigger lip lines, one may go for dark colors and for thinner lip lines one may choose lighter colors.

The above are some of the basic wedding makeup tips.


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