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Primers: the primary stroke of glow in the make-up bastions of radiance and endless glamour!

how to apply primers

how to apply primers

Like the name suggests, Primers are of primary cosmetic application; the very foundation of make up. For the make up to be non flaky and smooth, the very base should be non oily, wrinkle and crease free, lines and corrugation free; covering and concealing spots and blemishes and smooth enough for the make-up to stay on and to have an impeccable finish. Primers do this basic job.


  • Face Primers– These are the basic primers to be applied on face before applying the foundation and other make-ups.
  • Lip Primers– They lock the lip color so that it does not fade away or get smeared or transferred.
  • Eye shadow primers– Applied on eyelids, they help the eye make-up to stay on for hours together without smudging.

One may get overwhelmed by the range of choices of primers available in the market. But to choose the appropriate primer following should be kept in mind:

  • Ingredients– A make-up smear or even a make-up disaster is manageable but a cosmetic allergy is best avoided. Hence it is best to check the ingredients and see if the primer is reactive to the skin.
  • The feel of the primer– If the skin is dry and flaky, a hydrated oily primer is preferred. If however, you have oily skin or if you have to brave hot and humid conditions, the matte feel of the primer will help the make-up from getting smeared.
  • Shades– The choice of correct shade of primers depends on the shade of the foundation, the tone of make-up that has been visualized and the skin tone. If you do not want a heavy make-up look or if your skin does not have too many blemishes and spots to hide, you may opt for a primer matching your skin tone and directly apply compact.

These primers can be in the form of gel, cream, liquid or stick forms. Gel primers are long lasting. Cream primers are also very popular. Liquid primers spread evenly and give a smooth look but are more smear and smudge prone. Stick forms also stay on for long but they should be nicely blended to avoid creasing. The peaches and pinks, the metallics and bronze and the whites, blacks and neutrals are the eye shadow primer shades available.

With the Benefit range of primers, you can strut along the glam gallery. Benefit cosmetics offers a wide range of primers to suit different requirements.

  1. Benefit “That gal” primer-A silky, pink primer that not only conceals many a blemish but also imparts a pinkish glow to the skin. So, it can be used independently without any other make-up and you get a natural radiant supple skin to flaunt.
  2. Benefit Stay flawless 15-hour primer– Be ready for long sessions without touch ups and flaunt that for sure. This Benefit primer is in stick form and it promises longevity to your foundation and make-up that works for up to 15 hours.
  • Benefit The POREfessional– Here is your turn to bid farewell to your skin pores. This primer can effectively conceal open pores to give a smooth finish to your skin as well as your make-up.

Primers are thus the primary stroke of glow in the make-up bastions of radiance and endless glamour.



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