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Professional At-Home Aftershave For Women With Dr. Severin

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Dr. Severin is a company dedicated to developing, producing, testing, and proving high quality aftershaves for women. Every woman wants that soft, smooth, and perfectly shaved feeling after they go through a hair removal process like shaving, laser, or waxing. The hair of some individuals is thicker than others, resulting in unwanted stubble hair or dry patches due to excessive re-application of the razor. Any woman can get up and go to a specialist to get a professional hair removal treatment and soothing treatment directly after, but you can do so much more for yourself with this amazing at-home, doctoral experience.

Dr. Severin was designed for women with problem areas that may face stress and irritation. No product on the market is as adequate and fully-equipped of such a soothing treatment as the products from Severin that truly give you an identical aftershave care treatment as a treatment center would. Our Mytopface Experts are all about giving our amazing, engaged listening readers top notch information on what is out there in the real world that truly, ACTUALLY works.

Have you tried sugaring, let alone even heard of sugaring? Sugaring is pretty popular amongst celebrities and individuals that seek special treatments as opposed to the ordinary wax and laser. Sugaring is sort of underrated, but when the idea finally decides to pop and is all over social media with dozens of tutorials, do not say that we at Mytopface did not tell ya’ so.

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Sugaring your body hair does not have to be intimidating. The getting ready of the Cleopatra Sugaring is easy, and actually removing body hair is even easier. Taking the Paste, heating it up for 20-30 seconds is just enough to make it soft. Heating the Paste up can be done in the microwave or in a pot of water. Now, very slowly, apply the sugar Paste on the opposite direction of your hair growth. Slowly swipe twice against the direction of hair growth over the laid strip. Once your breath is caught and you are prepared, pull the Paste off with a quick jerk in the opposite direction. We are certainly not unfamiliar with Sugaring; read about our interview with Courtney Claghorn and the Must Knows about Sugared and Bronzed.

dr severin body aftershave balm

Shaving is not always fun, especially when you nick yourself and now you have a small cut. Ever forget to change your blade and you shave with a dull blade? It happens. Shaving with a dull blade can cause a lot of traction leaving razor burn cuts, or rough patches. Even if you are flawless at shaving, applying a balm after you shave any area of your body is still a good idea.

Any aftershave helps your skin relax, but there is no Original Body Aftershave Balm like Severin’s. This Balm has a regenerating and cooling effect unlike most. The experiencing of itching and irritation like most face, this Balm quickly acts against and stops those feelings. Aside from aiding skin from being pain-free, this Balm protects against inflammation of pores and any unpleasant odor, perfect for targeting specific areas.

Some women have to go to the length of shaving their face for either the purpose of thick hair, or because they are following a certain beauty trend. If you are curious to know why, check out our truth-revealing, informative article on Why Women Are Shaving Their Face? If you are looking to Balm your entire body after a complete and thorough shaving, the Organic Body After Shave is a full body Balm ideal for targeting larger areas.

dr severin full body aftershave

Working the exact same way as the Original Balm, the cooling and regenerating effect is ideal for larger areas that have been shaved. Applying to the skin after shaving or showering is most effective.

dr severin body balm professional

All Dr. Severin mentioned products are aluminium-free, non-alcoholic, paraban-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, and vegan! Remember, you heard it first here from your favorite experts at Mytopface! 


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