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Obtaining Beautiful Prom Make Up For Brown Eyes

prom makeup for brown eyes

Are your eyes brown? Are you going to the prom? Then, it must be heaven’s day for you! Behold- the best prom makeup for brown eyes styles for you are here!

prom makeup for brown eyes

  • To emphasize the shape of your eyes, as well as its brown color, apply caramel colors in the inner part of your eyelids and light golden brown outside the third layer of your lid. To broaden the eye placement, brush the area just below the eye brow with an eye shadow. These further pulps out the shape of your eyes for clarity and a stunning effect.
  • Brown is a light color. For it to be noticed, put in eye shadows that contrast well with it without overpowering it. Options for the eyes shadows include dark shades so that may not necessarily mean that dark colors are out from the equation. In fact, dark shades are the best complements for the brown.
  • Going to a prom is a very important for a growing lady like you. You will have to be and look at your best. You brown eyes are an asset. For you to do such, apply rosy colors on the edges of your eyes, just at the corners outside your eye orbits. These applications can be a blush-on or most preferably, an eye shadow. But if you if you have already applied an eye shadow, the blush-on can complement very neatly. To edge out the rosy or pinky edges, don in the navy blue colors.
  • To make your brown eyes outstandingly beautiful during the prom, put up a navy eye line touch above and below your eye lines.

There are significantly three types of shades basic in the prom makeup for brown eyes:

  1. Highlight shades- The Highlight shades are also known as the basic or eye foundation.
  2. Mid-tone shades- The mid-tone shades are used to complement and emphasize the contrast from the highlight shade.
  3. Accent- Accent shades should be the darkest shade types. However, the accent shades are used in outline patterns for broadening eye corners.

Mascara Greats

Mascaras provide the final touches in your beautiful eyes. Occasions like pageants and proms require the girl to be at her most beautiful disposition. This is why you will have to be very meticulous about the details that could squish up your brown eyes during the prom. Mascaras come in two types- the lush and the dark. Often times, when eyelashes are lengthy enough, dark mascara is advisable. But in the case of a thick clump of eyelashes, then the lush mascara type will definitely do the job.

Be at Your Best on the Special Day

Brown eyes are absolutely a win-win factor for a girl. However, applying colors to sustain the glimmer of the brown can me a highly meticulous task. The principles of applying colors and shades will have to be considered well, especially when you are attending a special occasion such as prom. There are a lot of great helps for you out there. The idea of prom makeup for brown eyes has turned profound throughout the decade. There is no such instance in the girl’s life that eye makeup will be taken for granted.



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