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Ripar is an Italian beauty cosmetics brand with a history. The brand was founded 40 years ago by Dr. Mario Piombino acclaimed plastic and vascular surgeon, and his wife Rita Parente, medical skincare and esthetics expert.

Dealing with skin issues and imperfections on a daily basis Ripar was born out of a need to take care of the things other products couldn’t.

Ripar created products to take care of imperfections like port wine stains, vitiligo, and other skin disorders and camouflage imperfections in the most natural way.

In 1980s Rita Parente established Sempiù School of Professional Training for esthetic professionals and over the years has trained over 7000 beauty therapists. Many years of study and research led Ms. Parente and Dr. Piombino to create Ripar Cosmetics that improves skin appearance with science.

Passing knowledge and experience to their children Ripar was later joined by Dr. Luca Piombino a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, and Dr. Lauro Piombino a scientific director of Ripar Cosmetics specializing in expertise and training in medical aesthetics, and nutrition.

MyTopFace esthetician and makeup expert interviewed Dr. Luca Piombino and tested Ripar Lasting Effect Mascara, Ripar Cover Cream, Makeup Setting Spray, and Ripar Makeup Remover.

Ripar Lasting Effect Mascara is ophthalmologically tested product with waterproof and longlasting effect to make your lashes last.  The mascara has a unique formula containing superior waxes and conditioning polymers to protect from water and make it last longer.

Ripar has engineered the specific design of the brush and bristles that enables to coat lashes in from bottom to top covering hard-to-get areas like lower lashes or inner corners allowing to achieve professional results.

Our expert reported that mascara has a thick coating that covers lashes easily without doing any tricks – thanks to a special design. It doesn’t make lashes look like spider legs by sticking them together and it lasts through the day. Amazing, easy to use product!

Ripar Lasting Effects Mascara

Ripar Cover Cream – is a cover product from Ripar that comes in 24 different shades, so everyone can get the right shade, or even multiple shades. The cover has SPF 15 broad-spectrum and is a perfect product to cover skin imperfections like acne, discoloration, rosacea, or simply dull skin.

The cream is perfect for all-day coverage, and sweat and water-resistant if used along with setting powder. It is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic product, which means your skin will breath and pores won’t get clogged.

The cream is very light, you don’t feel that you wearing something on your skin. It perfectly camouflages anything you don’t want to stand out and protects the skin through the day. It can be used not just on the face, but also on the neck, shoulders, decollete area.

Ripar Cover Cream

Ripar Makeup Setting Spray – is a lightweight, non-sticky mist spray that makes your makeup set and stays in place through the day. The spray is enriched with aloe gel, cornflower water, chamomile, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and protected.

The Setting Spray can be used to lock makeup in place, or simply to provide a refreshing boost for your skin without any makeup. A great product to use in hot sunny days this summer!

Ripar Setting Cream

Ripar Makeup Remover – is a powerful makeup remover with a non-irritating formula enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Gel, and soothing esters, to cleanse, comfort, and moisturize skin.

The product works really well removing any type of makeup leaving skin soft, fresh and with a natural radiant glow. This makeup remover is a simple, yet sophisticated product to cleanse your skin.


Luca, how the idea of camouflage makeup was born?

The company was founded by my parents some 40 years ago. My father is a plastic surgeon and my mother is a professional makeup artist; she wanted to support him by covering imperfections that could not be corrected through surgery, such as angiomas, vitiligo, bruising after surgery, and other skin conditions. After several years of testing different brands that failed to meet their expectations in terms of quality and safety for patients, they came up with their own formula, that is our RiparCover foundation, which has been on the market for 30 years now. It was initially designed to cover skin conditions, but now it is also great for women seeking a professional foundation that provides high coverage while looking natural and feeling lightweight on the skin. It really is a unique, perfect foundation that any professional would recommend.

What Ripar products are you using yourself?

Although Ripar Cosmetics is originally a makeup brand, we also have our own ranges of premium skincare products for women and men alike. My favorite is the Ripar SPA Caviar Cream, which I use every day as part of my skincare routine.

What are you most proud of as a brand?

As I was saying before, this company was my parents’ idea (the company name is an acronym of my mother’s name – RIta PARente) and it is now a successful in Italy and worldwide, and hopefully soon in the US. I am especially proud of the foundation we have created, which is so unique and unprecedented; no one ever reported any adverse reactions, it is waterproof, sweat-resistant, non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested, it takes just a small amount of product for a flawless coverage, it feels like a second skin that stays on for more than 16 hours, and it comes in a wide range of shades to suit all skin types. All my patients use it after surgeries, laser or filler treatments, to go back home and look elegant as always. Most of the times, they fall in love with it and they keep it as their everyday foundation.

What is your philosophy about anti-aging products/treatments?

As a plastic surgeon, I believe anti-aging products are crucial, both to maintain a youthful-looking appearance, and as maintenance treatment after cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is not a definitive solution; it should always be supported by good anti-aging products for longer-lasting results.

What makeup and beauty trends are popular in Italy?

Italian women have always been image-conscious, glamorous, and as a result, they always seek the perfect makeup, paying great attention to quality. The latest trends have placed a great focus on the eyes – with long lashes, strong brows, bold colors – glitter accents and glowing skin, but while trends change with the seasons, quality remains. Italy is the world’s leading manufacturer of makeup, in terms of both sales and quality. The best makeup worldwide today is made in Italy, due to the use of premium ingredients, pigments, and powders, as well as closely monitored production processes. Ripar Cosmetics shares the same philosophy, as we always choose superior ingredients to create professional-quality makeup and to meet women’s demands and expectations.

What beauty secrets or rituals have been passed down through your family that you still use today?

My parents, a plastic surgeon, and a beauty expert taught me the importance of loving yourself and seeing your body as something valuable. This includes eating healthy, exercising, and having a good skincare routine, cleansing your skin thoroughly every day and using quality products. And this is exactly what I do myself; I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of the only body I have.

If you could give our readers one piece of makeup advice, what would it be?

My advice is to be careful with what you put on your skin and to give our RiparCover foundation a try. It really has all the qualities you could ever look for in a foundation. Tested on sensitive skin and non-comedogenic, it stays on for up to 16 hours, it is sweat- and water-resistant, it has a sun protection factor and it takes only a little amount for perfect, natural-looking coverage. They will realize it is a unique product that they will never be able to do without. I believe that the entire RiparCover range – including our foundation, a setting powder, a setting spray, and a makeup remover – should be in every makeup artist’s bag as well as in every woman’s makeup vanity. I especially recommend the use of our gentle make-up remover with vitamin E, which can also be used without rinsing; women should never underestimate the importance of removing their makeup every night to allow their skin to breathe and regenerate during the night and to prepare it for their skincare routine. That is the first step to a younger-looking appearance.


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