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Most of our readers have read about our previous visits to Rogue Salon – a famous place to treat your hair, so this time we went in for hair color, and to make it more interesting we chose a pretty unusual color – pale/light pink!

Janeiry – a Rogue House color expert was taking care of our expert, and she did a small interview answering most important questions about the whole coloring process as well as tips and tricks!

– Janeiry, how should one prepare for hair coloring?

When it comes to color there are definitely a few things you should and shouldn’t do prior to your service, especially when it comes to a big transformation.

The number one thing you should do when it comes to a complete color change is condition and treat the hair. I always advise my clients to do deep conditioning treatments in order to make sure to add tons of moisture to the hair and to make sure it’s healthy enough to handle any changes, especially extreme changes. I also recommend little to no heat and no shampooing right before their service. The reason for no shampoo prior to a color service is because your scalp naturally produces oils which protect your scalp and hair during a chemical service.

– What is the hair coloring process? 

It may vary depending on the service, for the MyTopFace expert we did:

*Lighten hair

*Wash with Fanola no yellow shampoo

*Dry hair

*Apply pink color

*Let process for 20 minutes

*Cool rinse

* Cut


Oro Therapy

– What products did you use? 

Step 1- As a Fanola Artist I used Fanola Oro Therapy lightener which is infused with Gold and Argan oil (super gentle on the scalp & hair during the lifting process)I added Brazilian bond builder which helps protect the hair in the lightening process

Step 2- After rinsing, I used Fanola No Yellow shampoo to cancel out any unwanted yellow tones in the hair.

Step 3- Once I dried the hair I applied Pulp Riot BLUSH for the pink color

– How long does the color last?

On average most fantasy colors last about 20 washes. Keep in mind the lighter the color the faster the fade.

– How to keep color for longer? (hacks/tips)

Typically the less you wash your hair the longer it lasts, also washing or rinsing with cool water definitely helps keep the color in longer.  Nowadays it’s easier to maintain your color by purchasing color shampoo and or conditioners.

rogue salon color mix

– How to take off your color fast if you need it immediately?

If you decide you want to remove your fantasy color faster, use cheap shampoo, which is filled with sulfates, hence the reason stylists always recommend sulfate free shampoo. Or you can always come back to the salon and I can perform a professional color extraction.

– How to keep a healthy scalp and healthy hair after coloring?

After coloring the best way to maintain a healthy scalp is by not shampooing right away and giving your hair a break, especially when stripping the hair completely. The scalp and hair tend to be a bit sensitive after an invasive service and needs time to heal and repair itself. I always tell my clients to please and baby your hair, be gentle when brushing your hair, and always recommend a treatment.

rogue salon hair lightening

– How often can you change color safely?

Honestly, the number of times you can change your hair color all depends on the integrity of your hair.

– What to avoid with colored hair?

With color treated hair you should avoid a lot of heat!

– What techniques do you use in the salon that one cannot use at home? (e.g. professional not over the counter products or tools)

I know a lot of people out there watch YouTube and think they can do anything, it takes way more than 2 or 3 videos to know how to balayage or do a complete lightening service on someone. It’s about mastering a technique and knowing what chemicals you can or you should never mix. All of the chemicals I used are professional products and not sold to a person without a license except for the Fanola no yellow shampoo which is a fabulous purple shampoo for blondes.

– What are the easiest and most difficult colors?

The most difficult color to achieve I would have to say is silver! I think it is absolutely beautiful! For silver the number one thing you will need is PATIENCE. A lot of people want silver, and I have to explain to them that it won’t happen overnight, it takes time a lot of hair treatments and most likely a few salon visits. It is crucial to take your time going silver and doing regular treatments, if your not patient and don’t treat your hair it will lead to dry brittle hair and/or a lot of breakages. There’s only so much hair can handle.  As far as a color being easy I believe it all depends on the integrity of the hair. The state of your hair will tell me how much or what it can handle.

Janeiry Beauty Rogue Salon

MyToFace team was impressed with hair skills of Janeiry and we definitely recommend her as an expert for your hair dream. Extremely professional and friendly, again, we’re in love with Rogue Salon!


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