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Rudy’s Body Bar

Rudy's Body Bar

We write a lot about makeup and other beauty products, but this time we wanted to write about a soap, yes, a normal soap bar. You don’t hear a lot about this simple, but very useful product, but there’re many people that prefer using soap bar as a part of their beauty routine.

Today we are going to test and review Rudy’s Body Bar. Rudy’s – is a barbershop with style specializing in superior hair products and service. Founded by three friends, Rudy’s opened up its first location in Seattle in 1993, nowadays it grew to a barbershop with experience of more than 25 years and few dozen shops across the US including New York and California. Rudy’s is a barbershop where you can meet a celebrity while getting your hair fixed.

Our expert got three cleansers: Moisturizing Body Bar, Exfoliating Body Bar, Detoxifying Body Bar.

Rudy’s Moisturizing Body Bar itself already looks very stylish – it’s a bright yellow color bar, with a nice citrusy smell that looks like a gemstone. This body bar moisturizes and hydrates your skin while you wash, restoring body’s natural moisture level.

Rudy's Moisturizing Body Bar

The bar is pretty big and easy to hold in your hand while washing,  and it gets soapy easily. It is formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E, with notes of citrus, cedar, and juniper. The Moisturizing Body Bar is a great product to use after a long day before going to sleep. Our expert reported she liked how it feels on the skin and noted that skin feels moisturized right after using the product.

Rudy’s Exfoliating Body Bar is a great product to use after a workout or sport. The body bar exfoliates and scrubs away sweat and dirt from the skin preventing inflammation.

Rudy's Exfoliating Body Bar

Going to the gym with a soap bar as easier than with shower gel as its compact, so our expert gave a proper test for Exfoliating Bar last week. The expert noted that the bar has even, gentle texture that scrubs the skin without hurting it, unlike some other exfoliators. This result achieved by using sea salt as an exfoliator, our expert reported that you feel clean and refreshed after cleansing with Rudy’s bar, spirulina with eucalyptus protect, tighten and tone the skin. Perfect body care routine between wax or sugaring appointment.

Rudy’s Detoxifying Body Bar can be used for cleansing throughout the day. Its goal to clean the dirt on the deepest level, it penetrates the skin cleaning our the pores, blackheads, oil, and other skin impurities. It is made with a activated charcoal derived from a coconut, shea butter, and other ingredients which help to achieve the goal.

Rudy's Detoxifying Body Bar

MyTopFace expert was using Detoxifying Bar to cleanse her body without using any other products, she reported that she might not be getting back to using other products as she’s very happy with the result. The bar not just cleaned the pores, but completely refreshed skin and returned natural glow.

Overall we are extremely happy with Rudy’s Body Bars and would recommend this product to anyone who’s using soap bar and prefer them over gels. This is a great quality product that brings great beauty results.


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