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Saajida is a New York brow-celebrity who helps people to achieve the beauty of their brows. Saajida’s clientele is mostly celebrities, actors, models – who wouldn’t like perfect brows?

MyTopFace coordinator set an appointment for our expert at the salon and we were excited to meet Saajida for eyebrow service and interview.

The expert reported -“When I came in – bright and shiny Saajida was already waiting for me – she greeted me and we discussed my brows and thoroughly studied them. From the very first moment, I could feel that I am in expert hands who knows what she is doing and I couldn’t wait to see the result!.

saajidas eyebrows

The service was pretty fast and easy, I didn’t feel any pain, instead, I was very comfortable and didn’t even expect the process to be pleasant. Once the process was done I was impressed with the result – Saajida knew exactly what I wanted and shaped my brows perfectly and even better than I expected!’

During the process we did a little interview with Saajida:

– Saajida, where did your love for makeup came from?

I grew up in a family of professional painters where my grandfather Eugenio Dunn was a well-recognized artist whose work can be found to this day in museums throughout Panama. He always reminded me I would earn a living by using my hands to paint. Little did I know that would translate to building a life-long career in the beauty industry as an eyebrow expert. After graduating from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors of Arts with a major in film production, I attended Empire Beauty School and worked at Sephora as a Lash Technician to support my son as a single mom. While at Sephora I decided to focus on becoming a Brow Specialist and when the perfect position became available I took it and started training directly by Anastasia Soare the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills. My services became so popular and business at my Sephora location was booming so I was booked back to back during all my shifts. Unfortunately, that location was soon after relocating so they offered me to transfer to another store or move to Beverly Hills, but by then I felt confident enough to go on my own and launch my business independently.

Saajida O'Quinn

How did you decide to open your place?

I decided to open up my own place because I had a skill and expertise in a key area combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Even though it sounded risky I knew I had nothing to lose so believe it or not I opened up my own business with very little money and started it with my income tax return the year I stopped working at Sephora.

You created your own brow cosmetics – please tell us more about that!

I created my own cosmetic line because my dream has always been to have my collection in every drugstore similar to Walgreens so it can be accessible in all major cities.

At the moment my cosmetics line focuses on providing the best brow products for you and each item easily integrates into your makeup routine as a great tool to complete your everyday look. The Saajida Brows collection is currently available at your next appointment with me or online on my website.

saajida brows

How did you start teaching microblading?

After so many years of experience in brow shaping and tinting, I decided to start training for microblading and add it to my list of services to offer to my clients. The investment is well worth it however I would only recommend it to those who are passionate about it and not just those looking for extra income. I’m a firm believer that the key to being the best at microblading is to first become an eyebrow expert before jumping into microblading services. This is why I offer extensive one-on-one workshops for eyebrow shaping first before sharing my special microblading techniques with any students.

What’s the best beauty advice you will have to younger yourself?

Best advice to my younger self would be to enjoy the journey, but keep in mind that we are what we eat. I would like to remind her that happiness makes you stay younger and feel beautiful.

How did you become a model and how you manage two different professions? 

I became a model by accident even though when I was younger I wanted to be in the modeling world but was always discouraged because I was always curvier than everyone else around me. It wasn’t until I met one of my brow clients, Tricia Campbell who is a curvy supermodel, swimwear designer and Oprah Winfrey’s stand-in for O Magazine that I realized how contagious her confidence was. Tricia gifted me a bathing suit from her curvy collection and I immediately tried it on, photographed it and she loved how it looked on me. Right away she asked me to join her in Atlanta, Philadelphia and even a curvy convention in Cancun to represent her new swimwear line. I then became a brand ambassador for her Glamour Glamour Swimwear line and shot an editorial campaign with Tricia who definitely boosted my confidence and introduced me to the world of plus-size modeling.

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Tell us what kind of wax you use during the wax facial and why?

For brow shaping, I use crush pearl wax because it is perfect for extremely sensitive skin and it helps you pull the hair not the skin, plus this is the same wax that Anastasia loved using when she trained me.

Tell us why is so important to use pencil and measure brows before start working on it? Is it brow architecture?

Brows are not twins they are sisters and they should be measured accordingly to your bone structure/facial features. Clients love taking selfies when I map/draw on their face and even though it may look uniquely silly, this technique is key since it is important to consider the hairs available to find the perfect arch that fits your face.

Saajida is a true expert in brows – you can see why celebrities choose Saajida to take care of their brows, but not only that – Saajida is very friendly and a bright person who has attention to small and tiny details and knows how to make customers happy.


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