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MyTopFace expert recently visited Manhattan Brow Guru – Sania. She known as a pioneer brow expert with more then 25 years of experience and have celebrities clientele such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and now us MyTopFace! Read more about our visit and interview with Sania!
– Sania, how did your journey in the eyebrow industry begin?
My brow obsession started at a young age. When I was 4 I fell and developed a scar through one of my brows. Growing up, my siblings would tease me about it. As a teenager, I learned how to camouflage my own brow imperfection. From there, I began shaping brows for family and friends. It was a hobby until I finally decided to get my license and start my professional venture at Bergdorf Goodman.
– What made you create your own brand for eyebrows and how is it different?
I opened Sania’s Brow Bar more than 15 years ago. My signature has always been full, natural brows – even when people were into the skinny brow trend, I always pushed full brows because it is universally more flattering. Editors and clients have always trusted me because of this. A few years ago I decided to start my own brow line because I had trouble finding products that looked natural and were easy to use. My brow pencil has been featured in top publications and comes in three natural shades. The texture also sets it apart. People appreciate that I am not a makeup artist but an actual brow expert creating a very specialized line. Because I only work on brows all day long, I know what is entailed in creating the perfect brow line.
Sanias Brow Bar Brow Pencil
– What recommendations would you give to our readers who want to grow beautiful and thick eyebrows?
To grow out your brows, avoid moisturizers, sunscreen, serum, foundation, etc on your brows. These creams clog the follicle and prevent growth. Avoid magnifying mirrors as it will be nearly impossible to let hairs grow in when you’re observing so closely. Be patient as brows can take 6 months to a year to grow back. We always recommend tweezing over threading and waxing as it is more precise. But also it is important to do your homework and find a specialist you trust.
– You have two locations in NY and LA, are you looking to open in other states too?
We have clients all over the world and would love to continue opening pop up shops in major cities all over.

– Do you offer courses or online training?

We do not offer courses or online training as I am very particular about my brand and name. The only people I have trained are my daughters who are helping me expand the salon.
– What do you think about henna dyeing and microblading?
I urge people to avoid dyeing or tinting brows as the chemicals can be harsh on fragile hairs. Tinting is also high maintenance and requires touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. Microblading is something I strongly oppose. It usually looks way too harsh in person and is another name for a tattoo. Just as tattoos fade over time, the color can turn purple blue and look very unnatural. Also, if one “brow hair” is microbladed in the wrong place, you are stuck with the shape. I have had many clients come in after unevenly microbladed brows trying to fix it. Keep in mind that as we age, we rely on a brow shaping to lift the brows and open the eyes. With a tattoo that is permanent, you cannot lift.
Sanias Brow Bar
– You look great and we know that you have four children, what are your personal beauty secrets to look adorable and being successful?
That’s so sweet of you! I love La Prairie face products for my skin. I use their moisturizer as well as their 3-minute cellular peel – I call it a facial in a bottle. And I find balance is key in life. I love being a businesswoman but I also make sure to spend quality time for me and my family.
We were impressed about what Sania did with our expert’s brows – they just look perfect! Definitely, Sania’s brow pencil is a must-have for each girl. Sania’s Brow Bar is just an adorable place to spend lunchtime getting your eyebrows perfected. Our expert reported that she can’t wait to come back again!


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