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Schweigerderm CoolSculpting Reviews by MyTopFace Team

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We, like every adult human, have stubborn fat. We’re talking about that problem area that no matter how much we exercise and change our diet doesn’t seem to transform. At MyTopFace we were excited to learn more about CoolSculpting, which is intended to be used by people who are already healthy but have areas of their body that they can not seem to modify. We sat down with one of our all-time favorite providers, Cristina Monaco PA-C to learn more about this procedure and try it out ourselves.

Tell us more about CoolSculpting?

“For those who don’t already know, CoolSculpting a non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. It is a way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. The machine we have here at Smithtown Schweiger Dermatology is a new one, previously this procedure took 1 hour. The actual procedure now takes 35 mins per targeted area and the entire appointment should not take more than 1.5 with prep, meaning it can be done on a lunch break!”

Smithtown also offers DualSculpting, they have two CoolSculpting machines! Excitingly, this translates to the ability to being treated for your right and left side at the same time!

Note: this timing is for the abdomen. The arms, chin, and thighs are shorter / different times.

Tell us how CoolSculpting works?

“Treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), then die. In layman’s terms, it uses extensive and very cold functions to freeze the fat.  Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, usually through the urine. After these cells are gone they truly die, meaning that unlike traditional liposuction (where fat cells can transfer to another area), these cells are gone for good! CoolSculpting is able to reduce these fat cells by 20%-25% in treated area during each treatment. That’s why it is possible to need more than one treatment for best results.”

What areas work best with CoolSculpting?

“The recommended areas are the abdomen, flanks, stubborn bra fat area, thighs, arms, and chin. It’s also used in both men and women!”

How long have you been doing CoolSculpting? Why do you recommend it to clients?

“I have been doing CoolSculpting since our office got the machine about 5 years ago. I absolutely recommend this procedure to all my clients who are already in shape and working out but have areas that really bother them and they are unable to effect change on. Those clients will have the best results and there’s nothing better than helping people be their best selves!”


Our Experience:

We at MyTopFace already love Cristina and were thrilled to be able to get this procedure with her! She’s a total professional and has had CoolSculpting done herself in the past, meaning she was able to give real first-person advice on how the procedure would go and how each step would feel for us. This was such a comforting aspect to our visit with her.

We started our with our consultation. Cristina explained that CoolSculpting is best performed on areas with a larger pocket of fat since our MyTopFace Beauty Expert has a pocket of fat right underneath her bra line ( upper abdomen) we decided that this area would be best to treat.

We then looked at all the different CoolSculpting applicators and tried to match the one that best fit the area we were going to treat. The machine works by suctioning extra fat into the machine and creating a cold vacuum that freezes cells. It’s important to ensure that the applicator being used is a good fit for the area being treated because of the suctioning aspect of the process. We selected 2 medium size applicators that fit perfectly on the right and left an area of the upper abdomen and even covered a portion of our sides.

We then got ready for our procedure! Cristina carefully outlined the area we were going to be treated so that we could see and make sure we were happy with what we would be working on. The area was, of course, cleaned after this and then we got started! Cristina applied two sticky pads to the area, these pads are used to prevent burning from the machine and are an important aspect of the treatment because of this. Following this, the machine was then applied to our upper abdomen. There was a pinch of pain for about 1-3 minutes after the applicator sucked our excess fat into this machine. After this point, we were totally numb and the 35-minute treatment was easy as pie. We did experience one moment of real pain:  after the applicator is removed the provider is required to do a 2-minute massage to the area to stimulate fat breakdown. We won’t lie to our readers, this portion HURT, but that is totally normal and all people doing CoolScuplting feel this. In our opinion, 2 mins of pain are nothing for beauty!

coolsculpting reviews

Our post care was simple and easy. Cristina explained that the area would be numb for quite a bit ( at one week we started to regain sensation). The only real stipulation was we were suggested to wear a compression garment to help with inflammation and pain. There is a chance of other side effects such as itching or pain but we didn’t experience either of these. The only pain we felt was a muscle soreness which we are quite used to from working out regularly. Our MyTopFace beauty expert was actually able to return to the gym the day after her procedure and work out as normal ( lifting, squats, cardio etc.). This downtime is truly amazing compared to the invasive body contouring options that will leave you on bedrest and in pain for weeks prior, not to mention with scars!

You will see full results in 2-3 months and with Cristina’s skill level and expertise in the field, we are so excited to see our end results. She is a WONDERFUL provider and the MyTopFace team highly recommends working with her for all your body contouring needs!


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