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Sculpsure Reviews by MyTopFace at Skintology


We were lucky enough to re-visit one of the top cosmedical spas in New York City for a treatment we had been keen to try! Our readers will remember our Mytopface beauty expert had an amazing trip to Skintology recently. We loved our treatment so much we had to come back for more! As summertime rapidly approaches, we find ourselves looking for ways to quickly get swimsuit ready. While no one is perfect, it is always nice to take care of yourself, working to be the best version of your self! Recently we have seen non-invasive cosmetic procedures gaining popularity and at MyTopFace we try to give our readers the hottest trends on the beauty scene! With this notion in mind, we went to meet with Lola at Skintology to try Sculpsure, body contouring out ourselves.

Upon our arrival at Skintology, in the heart of Manhattan, we were greeted warmly by the Lola who is one of the salons incredible CoolSculpting and Sculpsure specialists. She takes us back into the spa and explains to our beauty expert in detail about the treatment, being thorough and answering all questions and concerns we had! Lola explains to us that Sculpsure is the fat reduction treatment that is specially designed for those last inches of stubborn fat in trouble areas. She then carefully clarifies that Sculpsure is the first FDA approved none invasive laser treatment for fat reduction. When asked if she personally preferred CoolSculpting or Sculpsure for body contouring she said it truly depends on the clients’ body she is sculpting. “CoolSculpting is great for a more stubborn, larger area of fat, while Sculpsure is better to tone an area that needs a bit less reduction, and more toning”.


Another extremely interesting difference in these two processes is that CoolSculpting leaves clients with some downtime. After CoolSculpting, clients often experience a bit of pain, brushing and numbness for around three weeks. This is not the case with Sculpsure, Lola elaborates “There’s zero downtime or true pain with Sculpsure, while some clients experience a bit of pain right after the procedure, most have no marks, bruising or side effects following this process “. With Coolscupting you are also encouraged to wear compression garments for several weeks after your visit, there is no need for this with Sculpsure.

MyTopFace Tip: try to wear leggings or something that is easy to move around to your appointment, this will make the entire process easier!

sculpsure results

We use the adaptors to outline the area Lola and our expert decide is best to treat, which turns out to be our lower abdomen as this area has a small fat pocket that is a perfect match for the size of these adaptors. These pieces are strapped to the body with a belt and the machine is set to 25 minutes.  One thing to note about the amazing Skintology MedSpa is that they are able to offer multiple areas of the body to be sculpted simultaneously with two machines that can work together! This means that at Skintology you can schedule your appointment during a lunch break, and you’ll be able to head back to the office!

skinsure before and after

Then our time on the machine starts. This machine works by using specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate fat cells by the process of Lipolysis. This is combatted by a cooling unit in the machine to keep your body comfortable under this extreme heat. After our four applicators are attached via the belt Lola explained that we might feel pain in waves. She elaborated that at the peak of this wave, machine would cool down and make the pain bearable again and that Sculpsure process works in these cycles for the 25-minute procedure. Our beauty expert found this to be extremely true. We only felt true pain a few times during our cycle, but nothing major. We would compare the sensation to a menstrual crap- nothing too crazy!

It should be noted that Lola stayed with us and spoke to us the entire 25 minutes of our treatment, making conversation distracted us and the procedure seemed easy due to this. Taking your mind off the machine is very helpful and the 25 minutes went quickly. It was extremely appreciated and we can’t say enough about her bedside manner.

sculpsure nyc

Lola explained that when she tested the procedure she also did her lower abdomen. One interesting learning she shared with us was that if she gains or loses weight, the treated area stays the same. Speaking to the power of these lasers to truly kill fat cells, and proving that they do not regenerate. Lola also shares that to achieve best results, its recommended to drink a ton of water and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Another important aspect of recovery is keeping active, the people who see the best results are those who fit in physical activity, as this helps the body with the process of lipolysis.

After taking off the applicators we really felt no pain at all. We understand that some people feel a lot of pain right after, and some clients feel absolutely none. In our personal experience in the area stayed comfortable post-procedure, and our beauty expert could work out right after. Clients can expect to see results during the 12 weeks after the procedure when the body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the eliminated fat cells. One piece of post-procedure care that’s required is massaging the area- this also helps push out these dead fat cells.

sculpsure skintology

While we are currently few days four post appointment the at time of writing of this article, we are sure that our results will be wonderful with Lola and Skintology and we cannot wait to visit them again very soon to tell you more about their other body contouring services! With their expertise in the area and their fabulous friendly staff, Skintology should be your go to in the New York area for anybody contouring needs!


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