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Selia & Co Clay Face Mask

Selia and Co Face Mask

Selia & Co. is a brand that makes pure and clean skincare products that do not have any harsh synthetic ingredients that most skincare products are enriched with. Instead of making a chemical formula that is supposed to magically help, Selia & Co is using natural and raw ingredients such as tea and clay.

We got Peppermint + Green Tea Facemask and Lavender + Black Tea Facemask for our test and review. Both masks are based on clay which makes it penetrate pores deeply and clean them out, so we were eager to try and see the result.

Peppermint + Green Tea Facemask is a brightening mask that fits all skin types. The mask has natural and organic ingredients such as Kaolin Clay to brighten up and soften skin, Green Tea Matcha as a source of powerful antioxidants, Peppermint to control oil production, and Chamomile to soothe the skin and natural glow.

Selia and Co Peppermint and Green Tea Mask

The Facemask comes in a shiny glass jar, the mask itself looks like a green powder and has a nice minty smell. The instructions on the package said that it’s ‘one tablespoon of mixture per one tablespoon of water or honey’, however, our expert decided to increase the dosage by one tablespoon for our test.
When mixing the facemask with the water it becomes thick and soft substance that you apply to the face with the help of their awesome brush. The facemask has a nice and gentle feeling when applied and should be washed off in 10-15 minutes.

Selia and Co Peppermint and Green Tea Face Mask

Our expert reported that one tablespoon would be really enough as after mask was applied with a thick layer there was still many left, which mean product would last long. The expert said that she really like the effect of the mask when applied and the result of flawless skin was noted after a couple uses already.

Lavender + Black Tea Facemask Рis a healing facemask that fits normal to oily skin. The black tea enriches mask with vitamin B2, C, E, and minerals, the French Lavender ingredient perfect ingredient for deep clean skin and pores. This facemask is extremely refined to penetrate deeper in pores, the Bentonite clay unclogs pores and cleanse, the Purple clay is a fine exfoliant that also cleanses pores.

Selia and Co Lavender and Black Tea Mask

The Facemask has a nice flowery smell, same as the previous mask it gives a nice and gentle feeling when applied to the face. The expert reported that she liked a lot this mask and after washing off skin felt nice and clean. This is a very good product to use to regenerate and cleanse your skin from impurities, oil, makeup.

Selia and Co Lavender and Black Tea Face Mask

We are impressed not just with the quality of the product but also with its technology. The Selia & Co facemasks are fast and easy to apply and they do show a healthy glowing skin right after first use.

MTF hack: Before applying Selia & Co masks use an oil-based cleanser and immediately after this masks apply your favorite serum and sunscreen based on organic ingredients to avoid dark spots.


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