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SEP Beauty From Head to Toe

SEP Beauty

SEP Beauty has this simple chic concept going on and we at MytopFace automatically gravitated to Originated in 2008 as a pro makeup company. SEP wasn’t commercially sold. Until a few years ago when the owners decided to reinvent the SEP brand and expand worldwide. Their beauty line mostly consists of makeup. But they also have a few cleansers our Beauty Experts wanted to try out. So, we went ahead and got the SEP Cleansing foam. This cleanser has a gel consistency, turns into foam as you massage it into the face. The simplicity isn’t the only factor that drew us to the company It was the details of the product itself. At SEP, they like to focus on beauty and health, which is a plus. They used ingredients like Broccoli sprout extract and sunflower extract. To help rejuvenate the skin and give the skin a deeper pore cleanse.

SEP Cleansing Foam

The SEP cleansing Foam is also infused with lavender extract. Not only are you cleansing the face but you’re also receiving a mini aroma therapy session. With the calm and relaxing vibe, the lavender extract gives as you inhale. It’s perfect to use right before bed. Let’s not forget to mention that the cleanser is hypoallergenic, meaning less likely to cause allergic reactions. SEP Beauty is a Korean beauty brand. Everything Written on the packaging is in Korean. Except for the name of the product. To make things easy. Our beauty experts team used the cleanser like any other. Wet your face with lukewarm water, add a little squeeze of the cleanser to hand, and gently apply cleanser to face. As you massage in you will see and feel the gel turn into foam. Hey readers, please don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing. Not involving and of the harmful ingredients that other companies use. Ingredients like Ethylparaben is an antifungal preservative that strips the skin of its natural elements. That a bunch of companies use in their face products. When it comes to healthy skin SEP Beauty really understands. The SEP Cleansing Foam2 removes makeup, cleanses deep pores and keep your skin fresh and calm. For everyone with reactive or oily skin this cleanser is defiantly for you. The Lavender cleansing oil helps calm reactive skin.

Because we loved using the cleanser. We wanted to take the Lip tint x Velvet for a spin. The lip tints SEP provides are full of antioxidants to help lips be healthy. Other ingredients include vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Which help the lips stay hydrated and smooth. All harmful ingredients that other beauty companies use such as talc, paraben and benzyl alcohol would never be found in any SEP Makeup products. SEP doesn’t use basic harmful pigments, which believe it or not causes allergic reactions. In any of their makeup products. We respect them all the way. For really taking the healthy beauty route. One of our beauty experts selected the Mild Coral Lip Tint x Velvet. For all of us to use, and surprisingly mild coral worked well for everyone. The velvet allows for a smooth application. At the end of the day, you are still left with a beautiful coral tint. SEP has an abundance of great lip products. Go give them a try.

SEP Liquid Stickers

We came across another SEP invention called liquid stickers. At first, we were just as confused as you. But then discovered that liquid stickers are a peel able nail polish that dries in seconds. If you aren’t the greatest at apply nail polish. You would honestly love this. Once the nail polish dries you can peel it right off. No more dipping the q tips in nail polish remover, to clean the side of our nails. Because Our beauty experts try to give our reads a full experience. We are letting you know that if you spend as much time in the kitchen cooking than you do reading about beauty products, be a little careful. Like we mentioned 100 times this is a peel able nail polish and is easily removed by applying warm to hot water. You don’t want pieces of nail polish floating around your homemade chicken soup.

As we mentioned before the SEP Cleansing Foam is best for an Oily or reactive skin type. That doesn’t mean people with dry skin can’t use it. To help keep moister when using this product. Our MyTopFace Beauty Team came up with a pre-cleansing solution. Before using the Cleansing Foam, apply an essential oil or carrier oil on the face, that best works for you. Massage upwards with a bit of water. Keep massaging until skin feels dewy. For those of you that don’t know what a carrier oil is. It’s a base oil, like sweet almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and everyone’s favorite coconut oil.


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