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Shadow Shields Allow for Flawless Makeup Application

Shadow Shields

We know you’re all getting pumped up for the new year, just around the corner; and what better way to bring in 2017 than in style? Bringing in the new year is all about the dress (or jumpsuit) and definitely the makeup. Whether you choose a gorgeous lip or sultry, smoky eye, the idea is to go bold. The new year is about new beginnings and a time to be daring with your beauty choices. The biggest holiday trends this year include bold lips of red or burgundy, glitter, bold brows, colored smokey eyes and traditional smoky eyes. We recommend going for a maroon or some kind of red-toned smoky eye if you’re going to go for a color, it’s one of the biggest beauty trends this year and flattering on almost every skin tone and every eye color. The key is to choose one trend. Don’t do bold lips and bold eyes, you’re not a drag queen, but if you are, we say go for it! New Year’s Eve makeup is always sexy, but it can be a bit of a hassle using darker colors and perfecting winged liner for that come-hither look. These cosmetic styles involve a lot of precision and can lead to a lot of fallout and smudging, causing you to look messy, and a lot of unnecessary cleanup before you even go out. Thankfully, to help us with our beauty routine, we found our saving grace, Shadow Shields.

Shadow Shields Original Makeup Perfector

Shadow Shields aren’t just for that bold look on New Year’s Eve but should be used with your daily makeup routine for easy, mess-free application. Shadow Shields are essentially D-shaped facial napkins with adhesive on one side, allowing them to stick comfortably on your face, wherever they are needed. As its name suggests, these cleanup veterans work best under a smoky eye to catch any fallout from darker shadows that would make you look similar to a raccoon if left alone. To use, simply remove two Shadow Shields from the box, peel off the adhesive tape and gently stick under the eye at the lash line or just below if you want to apply precision lower lash shadow or mascara (or both). Using the Shadow Shields under your eyes will allow any shadow fallout from brush crumbs or swift application to catch on the shields instead of just landing on your skin, and when you’re done just peel the mess away. Shadow Shields give you the luxury of an easy cleanup, make for perfect artistry and keep you from looking like you slept in your makeup. You can apply the shields on or before you apply your foundation or face base. Our experts at MyTopFace experienced very little foundation removal from the shield adhesive, and certainly not anything that couldn’t be quickly touched up with our precious Beauty Blender sponge.

Luckily, Shadow Shields aren’t only for keeping your eyeshadow looking top notch. Customers also use them for more exact eyeliner designs. Just curve the shield up on one side of the eye, so it’s angled upward and draw on flawless winged liner with no fear of squiggly lines or smudging. Also, use the shields to fashion the perfect shape for your shadow, not permitting any stray splotches outside the lids. Even celebrities use Shadow Shields as their go-to makeup perfecting tool to always look their best. Shadow Shields allow you to create a peerless composition, looking as if you just stepped out of Pat McGrath’s makeup chair.

Shadow Shields Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

Going for a bold lip this New Year’s holiday? Well, don’t spend any extra cash finding the perfectly matched lip liner, when you can just use your $10 Shadow Shields to stencil on immaculate lips. We use lip liner to draw an exact base shape for our lipstick so that we don’t move outside the lines of our lips, and today we also use it to make our lips look larger, for a more Kylie-inspired pout. While you can still use your liner to create that collagen-infused look, the Shadow Shields will create perfectly edged lines for brushing on your gloss or stick, with no bleeding or blurring to be found.

Our Experts at MyTopFace used the Shadow Shields to perfect our trendy, dusty rose eye shadow, which has a tendency for tons of fallout in the lower corners of the eyes. Using the shields, we could see the smudges on the cloth and were then able to just peel away the mess, with no need for makeup removing solution or shadow touch-ups afterward. The shields came off with ease and were comfortable when on, causing only the slightest tight pull under the eye, which is what you want to make sure it catches all that mess; see the catcher’s mitts at work below. Bring in 2017 flawlessly, and every day proceeding, with Shadow Shields.

Shadow Shields Flawless Makeup Application


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