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Shape House – Urban Sweat Lodge

Shape House New York
Sweating became very popular lately and we’re not talking about sweaty clothes or smelly subway rides, we talking about sweating that cleanses your body, clears your mind, and much more!
The MyTopFace expert visited and interviewed Shape House Upper East Side location. The Shape House is an urban sweat lodge, that specializes in making you sweat and sweat a lot , while watching your favorite shows.
Shape House Team told us about Lymphatic and Sweating sessions:

1. ShapeHouse was created by sweat activist with the idea to make people sweat, but what’re the advantages of sweating?

Many people find it beneficial for different reasons. Some come to improve their sleep, some come to lose weight or give their skin glow, some come just to hold onto their remote control. Sweating is a very holistic way to take care of yourself and helps whatever might be out of balance in the body.
2. How should beauty lovers prepare before sweat?
Drink water, water, and more water. Hydration helps to get the best sweat. We recommend avoiding caffeine and sugar. And it’s good to have something in your belly before your session. (Also note: sweating before your period is not as comfortable.)
3.Is it safe for breastfeeding women?
We recommend women check with their doctors, but a lot of women do.
4. What are the sweating techniques?
We use FAR infrared heat. The blankets that we use have ceramics plates that heat you from the core.
Shape House Sweating
5.  Tell us more about the sweating procedure itself.
At Shape House you lie down and get wrapped in an infrared blanket that covers you from the shoulders down  The blanket stays the same temperature, but your core body temp rises, allowing your body to sweat. All while watching your favorite show.
6. How long does it take?
55 min + time to cool off in our Relax Room.
shape house relax room
7. Are there any precautions or anything you should or should not do after the procedure?
We have a waiver that we have clients sign before they sweat. After, we encourage clients to stay well hydrated!
8. What are the pros and cons of lymphatic drainage? How to prepare for this procedure?
The lymphatic drainage is a relaxing treatment that works well with the sweat. It’s a suit that you put on that is connected to a device similar to those that measure blood pressure. There is no heat involved, but helps to increase the benefits of the sweat by targeting your lymphatic circulation. You prepare for this session, just as you would for a sweat.


9. Who shouldn’t sweat?
Pregnant women, anyone with a heart condition, someone who is intoxicated.
10. Shape – can it really change shape?
Paired with diet and exercise, sweating can help with weight loss and detox.
11. How many sessions should a customer receive to see the result?
Clients notice a difference after one session in their skin, energy level, and the way they feel. Depending on what your goals are we have different membership options to help support you.
12. What can you suggest for our readers?
Sweat. It brings peace of mind, amongst other things, that help to feed a better day and a better life.
Shape House Sweat Lodge

MyTopFace liked sweating, cold wet lavender napkins and the alkaline water! If you like relaxing, detoxing and being positive – Shape House is your go-to place!


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