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Lash Perm and Brow Tint & Shape at Shen-Beauty

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MyTopFace Expert has visited Shen-Beauty, an iconic beauty shop in Brooklyn that specializes in undiscovered and rare natural and organic beauty brands. Shen is a place that attracts beauty enthusiast from around the world, you can always find a new gem here. What makes Shen a truly unique is that they also offer a list of beauty services and our expert came in for a Lash Perm, Brows Tint and Wax.

We have interviewed ‘The Cool Hunter’ and fashion stylist Jessica Richards, Shen Beauty Owner, and Founder and Joshua Beeler – a winner of the Best Brows, brow guru, and microblanding genius!

Joshua, what’s your beauty background?

I’ve been involved in the beauty industry for over 20 years in every capacity. I found that my favorite aspect of beauty was being hands-on with clients and showing them the transformational power of beauty.

What made you want to be a guru of brows and lashes?

My first venture into beauty was as a hair stylist, this didn’t suit me and so I focused, studied and honed my make-up skills and centered my career around doing make-up. That led me to do brows which allowed women to cut their daily routine down with brow and lash maintenance. I love how impactful doing my services is and it’s truly rewarding to see the reactions of my clients.

What’s your recommendation for clients who want to grow their brows/lashes?

There’s only so much you can do. Lash enhancement serums definitely work, but for brows, if you’re not seeing a lot of regrow the within three months come see me for microblading.

What is the difference between lash lift and lash perm and which procedure is better?

They are actually the same thing. The name lash lift refers to the lifting effect perming your lashes has on your face and especially your eyes. The process leaves you with softly curled lashes lift up and spread out. You just wake up pretty and when you do it along with the eyelash tint you can skip mascara.

How long lash perm last?

A lash perm can last for up to 3 months depending on where you are in your lash cycle. They naturally replace themselves every 3 months.

How should you prepare for the lash perm?

There are zero prep and zero downtime.

Is there anything you can’t/shouldn’t do after the lash perm procedure?

Basically, just don’t get them saturated for 24 hours. Otherwise, nothing to worry about.

Is lash perm safe for everyone?

Yes, the procedure is safe for everyone.

shen beauty lashes

What technique and products were used to create bolt brows for our expert?

The way we approach brows at Shen really sets us apart from other brow salons. We err on the side of sensitivity and prep the skin to avoid irritation. We also pride ourselves on our unique approach to personalized brows. You can rest assured that you will have your very best brow when you come to Shen Beauty.

What’s your favorite brows trend and lash trend nowadays and why?

I really like a slightly unkempt brow. Not too perfect. And natural lashes for sure. I just think extensions look very done and sometimes silly.

shen beauty result

What’s your personal beauty hack?

Well, the girls always make fun of my mantra for my skin. Exfoliate and marinate… get rid of all the dead skin and marinate it in efficacious oils.

Is a lash perm really better than using a lash curler?

A lash perm eliminates the need for a lash curler and saves you time in the morning.

Jessica, what’s your professional background?

I worked as a stylist at Vogue Magazine and after I found out I was pregnant I decided to not work in fashion anymore. About 4 months after I had my son I decided to open Shen (2009) and the rest is history. Since opening Shen, I have overseen the buying and curation taking Lucky Magazine to an e-commerce platform under the direction of Eva Chen. I headed up the curation for Goop wellness brands as well as oversee the beauty and wellness category for Free People since its inception almost 4 years ago.

Why do you choose to create Shen-Beauty?

I chose to create Shen because there was no beauty store in Brooklyn at the time except CVS or Rite Aid, I knew that people wanted something special and thus Shen was born.

What’s your favorite beauty services at Shen-Beauty and why?

It’s hard to choose, I love lash tint/perm and brow tint/shape because it allows me not to have to wear any makeup. I am about to do microblading with Josh as I need some filling in certain parts of my brows and of course, I absolutely love the facials we offer.

jessica richards shen beauty

What’s your five must-have beauty products and why?

Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade – a product I have sold since launching 10 years ago and still a hero in my arsenal. It is super gentle and takes off all the city grime.

Skin Design London – Sleeping Beauty Mask launched exclusively at Shen a true unknown hero that overnight changes your skin. Super hydrating and also helps to plump and lift.

Dr. Sturm Hyaluronic Serum – clearly I have very dry skin so this serum has really helped to improve the dryness I suffer from. It helps to bind moisture to the skin.

Venn – Red Facial Oil – launched a few months back and have been addicted ever since. although you can’t tell by the name, red oil it does help to relieve the redness in my skin. Not super greasy but it shows major results.

Circumference Detox Mask – even though my skin is dry I desperately need some pore help since I live in NYC and have seen major results after using this.

What’s your credo for life?

I don’t use the word credo but I would say that my belief is to do what you can and best you can in any aspect. Whether its using clean products, eating organic food or exercising I still need some cheat days and some chemicals to help with certain things. Life is a balance.

How the idea of hunting for unique beauty brands for Shen-Beauty was born?

The idea of hunting for new and unique brands for Shen really comes from my past life of fashion and trying to find something unique, I translate that to beauty and still to this day even with social media and internet love to scour the best boutiques.

After the visit, our expert reported: “Shen-Beauty is a unique place where you feel like at the museum with extremely rare, hard-to-find, and exclusive beauty products. It’s a takes a lot of effort and passion for what you do to achieve this result and attract people not just from the neighborhood, but from around the world. If you’re into beauty – you have a lot to learn from Jessica and visits to Shen-Beauty should be on your list!

Joshua is a true expert, it is a pleasure to get your brows and lashes done by a recognized expert in the field who knows what he’s doing. You can feel his professionalism from the way he works and attention to small details, he explains what is going to happen, how it’s going to happen, and what results to expect, and the best part – the result is exactly as it should be!”

We are glad to do discover Shen-Beauty and looking forward to our future collaborations!.


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