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Signature Facial with Dirty Game Mask at D’Mai Urban Spa

Nina Avakyan Dirty Game Mask

We have visited D’Mai Urban Spa, that already became one of our favorite beauty place in Brooklyn for a Signature Facial made with a Dirty Game Mask from Nina Avakyan. Our expert interviewed Daniela (owner) D’Mai Spa, spoke with Nina about her beauty-life, as well as talked to Lana esthetician who performed facial.

– Daniella, how did your D’mai beauty spa journey begin?

I opened D’mai in 2004 with the hope that I would create a restorative oasis for Brownstone Brooklyn. As we begin our 15th year, I am humbled knowing that D’mai is one of the places our neighbors rely on for their regular wellness needs.

– What are your personal beauty tips for gorgeous skin?

Exfoliate, exfoliate and nourish!

– What’s your favorite services at D’mai spa and why?

It is hard to choose. The CBD massage is transcendentally relaxing, but our Ultimate facial with LED is also transcendentally relaxing AND my skin looks AMAZING after this treatment; results last for days too!

– What’s your favorite anti-aging skin care products which really help? Right now my absolute favorite miracle worker is the Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier from SkinCeuticals; it is super hydrating and plumps up all the time fine lines, making my skin look years younger immediately. AMAZING!

Dmai Spa Signature Facial

– Nina, what’s your new skincare product obsession and why?

I can’t get enough of my Dirty Game product! It is super light and very powerful. I love the sophisticated blend of citrus, eucalyptus, and clove. I use it for my face and my body to polish and exfoliate gently.

– What’s your favorite must-have skin treatment during winter time?

The best way to keep your skin clean, hydrated and protected.

I love using Kos Paris oil-based cleanser to remove my make up, following by Dirty Game treatment to purify, exfoliate with UltraLuxe triple action organic scrub and stay hydrated with organic oils from UltraLuxe or Kos Paris skincare. Verabella was one of my favorite skincare lines for hydration, very pure and clean.

– Do you meditate and practice yoga?

Absolutely! For a fact, I scheduled my hot yoga today, on Christmas, it is the best therapy for me. I have my mentor here in Beverly Hills, we visited the largest Buddhist temple a few weeks ago and trying to go there every weekend to pray together and achieve nirvana. Everything starts with healthy thinking, pure thoughts, and mind, spiritual healing and growth is everything!

– Do you follow a healthy lifestyle?

Absolutely I try as much as I can. There is always room for improvement. I try to drink a lot of water. I dont eat bread and sugar because a lot of things contains natural sugar, such as fruits and if you eat outside, it is added, so I never buy sugar or bread. I love to cook fresh organic soups, I believe it is great for the digestive system. I eat a lot of products which contains omega-3 to keep my skin healthy and radiant. I started to cook a lot at home since I moved to Beverly Hills.

Dirty Game Mask

– Lana, how did you become an esthetician?

It was a long process. I am very passionate about beauty and skin care, years ago I have decided to work with skin only, went through a lot of training and become lead esthetician at D’mai after awhile.

– Tell our readers about step by step process of Dirty game customize facial?

Nina was working with UltraLuxe skincare for 10 years and have created a unique black mask which blends perfectly with any natural skincare brands.

I used Nina’s charcoal product after oil base cleanser mixed it with Triple Action Organic Scrub under the steam to polish, nourish the skin and help to open up pores for extraction. After extractions, I used the lactic acid peel. Remove it in a few minutes to make sure skin is disinfected. I love to use seaweed liposome gel because it contains Vitamin C, B5, E, and layers it with Dirty Game as a mask to make sure that pores are tightened. Nina’s mask has perfect ingredients for deep pore clarifying, brightening and tightening effect because she has chosen to use clay, orange, lemon, clove, and eucalyptus extracts to kill bacteria, lighten and seal those pores. Her mask is perfect for any skin type but has to be consulted with exclusively trained and certified estheticians by Nina to prescribe a proper way of using it.

D’Mai is our favorite place for a reason – professional staff, great service, best products, and amazing result. As usual, this visit was brought many positive emotions and happiness from the services!


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