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Skin Spa New York – Massage and Custom Facial

Skin Spa New York

Have you already been to Skin Spa New York? If not – you should! Skin Spa is a chain of spa salons in New York and Boston that specialize in skin care treatments from facials to laser hair removal and anti-aging procedures, and massage! Depending on your location in the city and mood you can choose the closest salon and the services up to your liking.

Our expert came to interview Skin Spa Murray Hill and to test a Customized Skin Spa Facial and Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage.

– Candice, MyTopFace expert received a Customized Facial please tell our readers about the service and what’s included?

MyTopFace Expert has oily, hormonal, acne prone skin. We did a customized facial with a deep cleanse and tone, followed by exfoliation a light scrub that helps polish away impurities. Next, we steamed and extractions were performed with a lancet to clear out congestion, followed by high frequency to kill the bacteria. Finally, a sulfur mask was applied and removed after 5 mins. Followed by a toner, hyaluronic acid, topped with SPF.
glo skin beauty

– How should clients treat their skin after this kind of facial?
Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours if possible, use mild exfoliation, but wait a few days, follow with your own skincare regimen

– How often can customers get facial?
Once every 4 -6 weeks depending on your skin type.

– What’s your personal beauty secrets for young and healthy skin?
Stay out of the sun, wear SPF 365 days out of the year, the trick is to reapply every 2 hours, peptide and epidermal growth factor serums.

– What’s your recommendation for combination/acne prone skin?

Cleanse with a mild foaming cleanser, tone, exfoliate with an acne scrub with salicylic acid scrub 1-2 times a week, light oil-free moisturizer and SPF

– What’s your favorite beauty secrets?
I love my LED DPL light therapy panel. I use it twice a day. It helps build collagen and elastin resulting in a reduction of fine lines and firm plump skin.

Mytopface Expert also tested an amazing customized Swedish/Deep Tissue massage with lavender aromatherapy (you can pick any scent from the menu depending on your mood and preference while you are booking your appointment). Deep Tissue massage is an important part of well-being and beauty because it’s boosting blood circulation in a whole body, keeps you fit, helps with sleeping problems, stress, and is ideal pre or post workout.

Skin Spa New York Facial

Massage specialist Billie Jean from Skin Spa New York will make you knot-free and ready for your next adventure. A great and important point about this service is that after specialist is finished massaging she wipes it off all access from body lotion which was used for the treatment. It’s very important especially in the hot summer as you can head your way without having to take a shower or change clothes.

Skin Spa New York Massage

Verdict – we are happy with Skin Spa and can’t wait coming back soon! Our expert noted professionalism and attention to details. Both facial and massage felt so good, so the expert already made two more appointments.


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