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Skintology – Microdermabrasion and Customized Facial


We have never written about microdermabrasion treatment in the spa before, therefore we were looking only for top places and found Skintology in Manhattan New York and set there appointment for Microdermabrasion and Customized Facial. We spoke with Skintology Owner Gina and Esthetician Margarita who told us about the procedure, the MedSpa and more!

– Margarita, how did you beauty journey begin?

My journey began years ago when I worked at Sephora in the Skincare Department for 5 years, then I decided to continue my education in Skincare and I went to Christy Valmy International Aesthetic School.

– After consultation with our MyTopFace expert, you decided to start preparing her skin with microdermabrasion (because she had oily T zone and dehydration rest skin). What is microdermabrasion and how does it work?

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Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure where a special wand with a tip covered in microcrystals or diamonds is applied to a skin surface to polish and exfoliate. This procedure rejuvenates skin, boosts collagen level as well as opens pores which prepare skin for facial. Microdermabrasion can be done only by Esthetician.

– What Is The Difference Between Microdermabrasion And Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is controlled abrasion that injures deep layers of the skin and is mostly recommended for scarring and aged skin. Dermabrasion is performed by Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons.

– Is Micro Abrasion Suitable For Everyone?

It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, active cystic acne, broken capillaries, or rosacea.

– You told us about your beauty hack – doing massage with ampoules before steaming the pores. Tell our readers why?


Steaming softens the skin and opens pores. By applying ampoules to the skin before procedure more product will be penetrated and absorbed while steaming.

– What products did you choose for our expert customized facial?


– After deep cleaning, you applied two masks please tell us how they work and what are their benefits?

First I used an Azulen Mask for a calming & soothing effect, then on top of the mask, I applied second, collagen rubber Gold Mask to give brightness & fullness.

24k gold mask

– What’s your recommendation for those who would like to improve their skin tone and remove deep wrinkles?

To reduce deep lines we recommend using either radio frequency or ultrasound energy for collagen stimulation. For skin tone, we recommend chemical peels such as the VI Peel, laser genesis, or CO2 Fractional Laser. HIGHLY recommend doing a facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain the results.

– Gina, please tell us about your beauty journey and how did you decide to open a medical spa?

I am a chemist, I opened my first MedSpa with Dr. James Williams in Central Park West 8 years ago. I received my education in Russia, and I am a Tuberculosis survivor. This is what inspired me to break into skincare.

– What’re your favorite treatments?

My favorite treatments are always non-invasive, I am aging myself, as we all naturally do. I developed a Stem Cell Therapy treatment and am currently the only facility offering this treatment in New York City. There are three choices of treatment: Placenta, Marine Cells, & Hyaluronic acid. I am also a believer in chemical peels.

– What’s the most popular treatment among the clients these days?

Stem Cell Therapy, Non-Evasive Fat Removal like Coolscpulpting and Sculpture, as well as injectables.

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– What’s your daily beauty routine? (products/lifestyle)

Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Every morning I begin my day with water at room temperature with honey. Then apply a cube of chamomile tea to my face which I will explain as my beauty hack.

– What’s your recommendation for body treatment for to start?

BTL Exilis. It can actually sculpt your face & body.

– What’s your favorite beauty hacks?

Pour warm chamomile tea in the ice tray and freeze it overnight so that you have a nice cold chamomille ice in the morning. First water it down a bit so that there are no rough edges. Why do I do this? I do it for the oxygen. Ice cubes have so much more oxygen than regular water. The chamomile helps to ease your morning while making your face naturally fresh.

MyTopFace is extremely happy with results from treatments received at Skintology and can’t wait to visit again! You should ask about their cool membership, as that includes discounts, events, new procedures and a lot of other stuff! You will enjoy location and quality of services like we do!


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