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Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Tips and Techniques

smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

Most of the time individuals with brown eyes, especially women, think that it is harder to choose the right color when it comes to complementing the eyes. The truth is that it is much easier to find the right hue and shade if one has brown eyes. There are some who want to try smokey eye makeup for brown eyes. If one wants to try this style, then she is in the right place.

smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

Step by Step Guide for Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Step 1: Choose the color of the eye shadow. The most commonly used, and traditional, colors include gray and black. But of course, one should not limit herself when it comes to selecting the color to use for the smokey effect. Some of the colors with lesser intensity include dark pink, violet, coffee, chocolate, dark green, copper, purple, and dark blue. One should keep in mind that when it comes to choosing the right color, she should also consider the colors of her eyes. This can be determined by checking the shade of flecks one has. If one has brown eyes, then all the above-mentioned shades and colors will surely complete the eyes.

Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes is not limited to the list above. In fact, one can add the colors brown, coffee, and copper to the list of those shades that will produce a great smoke effect while complementing the look of the eyes.

Step 2: Choose the pencil eyeliner. Of course, one should go for the same color she has chosen in step 1. As much as possible, use Powderliner pencil eyeliner in order to easily create a smokey effect. This kind of eyeliner is a lot easier to use.

Step 3: Apply the base foundation. Normally, one would apply this before one applies makeup. But in order to achieve that the smoke effect, one will have to apply this after putting on the eyeshadow and the eyeliner. This will make the look last longer.

Step 4: Apply the mascara. Assuming that one has successfully applied the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and foundation, she should then proceed in applying the mascara. One should curl her eyelashes first to help the mascara open up one’s eyes more. Apply around 2 to 3 coats of the mascara in thin application in order to avoid cluttering.

Step 5: Complete the look. One can finish the look by putting additional foundation. Try not to ruin all the makeup by carefully doing this. Avoid smudging the smokey eye effect. After this, one can now put lipstick on. One should go for a neutral, natural look to create a great impact. Most of the time, people use flesh colored lip pencils to give one’s lips a delicate look. When it comes to the eyebrows, one can go for the usual eyebrow pencil she uses. But of course, one can also use a darker shade in order to complete the look which is smokey. Apply blush on. Use tawny or rose effect to finish the look.



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