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Smokey Eye Makeup – Kim Kardashian Look [Video Tutorial]

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Kim Kardashian Look

MUA: Ruth Weems

Model: Kate Tea

School: Chic Studios NYC




  • Apply a gel based cream liner (MAC Fluidline in dipdown) across entire lower lid with a small flat synthetic brush. Blend it out with a separate clean brush. Using a small amount of the gel product and a medium sized blending brush blend out where the base ends and in crease. Use original flat synthetic brush with more product and build where intensity or even out the base where desired. Make sure it is all the way to lash line and rich in color.
  • Using a small blending brush with a warm matte eyeshadow in crease are and build up depth. Make sure you do not go too close to eyebrow.
  • Using a crease blending brush like the MAC 224 brush blend out a darker matte color across the crease. Do not overpower the crease warm tone.
  • Use a small flat sable brush with a dark matte shadow and blend in outer corner of eye. Try a deep matte from the Stila.
  • Complete the other eye.
  • Look at makeup looking straightforward use a precise point q-tip like the baby q tips from Muji and clean up angle of outer eye. Remove all other residue. Aim toward the temples.
  • Use a flat small brush and build intensity on lower lid where desired. Try to keep the shadow deep and matte. Use your crease brush and make crease as dark as needed.
  • Using an angle brush like the MAC 266 brush take a deep matte color and add to outer lower corner of eye. Make it as dark as you want.
  • Apply loose translucent powder under eye to protect under eye area from shadow fallout. Not needed if skin is not completed.
  • Using a shadow of choice and a flat synthetic brush pat product across lower lid in center of eye. You can apply as much intensity as desired. Make sure not to go too high into the warmth area
  • Use a clean small round brush and brush away fallout and excess powder.
    Complete other eye. previous few steps for other eye.
  • Use a rich waterproof pencil like the Stila in upper and lower waterline
  • Polish off any area of the eye with your blending brush to create the depth or darkness desired.
  • Use a highlighter pen like YSL touch eclat to perfect brow and highlight brow bone. Also to highlight under eye if needed. Blend in with sponge and clean blending brush.
  • Touch up crease area or shadow
  • Measure and apply strip lash. Cut if needed and glue using duo lash glue.
  • Use a liquid liner and line any area the lash did not cover on lash line. Or any glue that is still visible.
  • Apply other lash and check placement with the eye open. Apply liquid liner to blend in lash and or cover glue.
  • Apply black pencil outside bottom lower water line. Try Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner pencil in black
  • Take a dry angle brush and blend pencil on bottom lash into lash base so it looks smooth. Take a pencil brush like the 219 MAC brush with shadow and blend in to of lower lash line. It will grab onto the eyeliner you just applied.
  • Second eye previous steps. Take a sponge and blends out around eye so you don’t have any hard lines or unfinished concealer areas.
  • Use an angle brush like the MAC 266 to apply any other shadows desired under the eye.
  • Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. Build a good coat on all lashes. Try MAC false lash mascara. Check and make sure there is not any visible glue if so, fix with liquid liner.


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