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Smoking Hot – How To Apply Smoky Eye Make-Up

How To Apply Smoky Eye Make-Up

How To Apply Smoky Eye Make-Up

If you want to get the ideal natural smokey eye look and are thinking it’s going to be too expensive or complicated, you’re in for a surprise. Smoky eyes are some of the sexiest makeup designs out there and they complement elegant as well as casual clothes. This makes them ideal beauty refreshers for any occasion. With its focus on your eyelids and the area under your eyebrows, the design choices are plenty and the shades are sensational.

How To Do Smokey Eyes – Smokey Eye Tutorial

Here are a few simple steps to getting your sizzling smokey eyes:-

  • Using charcoal gray makeup powder take a medium-sized round brush and apply an arch of it over your eyelids, in the area just underneath your brows.
  • Blend or spread it down to your eyelash level. This way you cover your eyelids with an even coating of smoky shade.
  • Highlights include a soft black pencil using which you trace the outline of your upper lashes and you smudge them with your fingertips so they don’t stand out too prominently.
  • Get your firm-bristle brush out and use a gunmetal-grey color to trace your lower lashes.
  • You’ll need to balance the overall effect of these dark colors so take some silver powder and apply a tad bit to the inside corners of your eyes.

What To Do If You’ve Made A Mistake

Dip a cotton swab in some concealer and correct your mistake. This way you can adjust your smoky eyes makeup without smudging what you’ve accomplished so far.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you moisturize your eyelids before you use pencil liner, you’ll find that it smudges more naturally.
  • If you want to know how to do smoky eyes faster than what you learned in the tutorial above just take pencil liner to lashes and lay it on thick. Then smudge them up and out at an angle so the extra layers of pencil-shade spread over your lids and give you that smoky effect.

How To Use Only Eyeliners To Get Sexy Smoky Eyes

The aim of this technique is to use different shades of eyeliners and nothing else. You can combine them to best effect, resulting in a smoky eye design some expensive products don’t match up to. Remember this colormap…

  • The lightest color: inside corner of your eyes
  • The darkest color: across the lids
  • Nude pencil: in the gap between brow and upper lid beginning
  • Liner: Along the lashes

With this in mind, you can get creative and use your liners minimally after which you smudge them across your lids for that dazzling smoky eyes effect. Line sections of your lids using the appropriate color and with a brush spread them to get that amazing look you’ve always dreamed of.



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