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Spark Laser SkinCeuticals Facial & Dermaplaning

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MyTopFace expert tried SkinCeuticals customized Facial combined with Dermaplaning at the Spark Laser Center that specializes in FDA-approved beauty treatments.
Read below about our experience and interview with an esthetician who performed the service and the Spark Laser director.
– Maria, how did your beauty journey begin?

My skin journey began as a teenager when I started to take care of my skin at home and also working as a receptionist at a spa. I discovered that I enjoyed taking care of my skin. I saw that it made a difference in how my skin looked. I decided to experiment and learn more about skincare. I fell in love with it!

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– What’s your favorite skin care hacks?

My favorite skincare “hack” or pick me up, is masking. With so many different masks that address different skincare concerns, I find that even when you don’t have time to attend your monthly facial treatment. You can quickly give your face an at home treatment mask for anti-aging, hydration, exfoliation, brighten and plump the skin!

– Our Expert received SkinCeuticals facial & Dermaplaning – please tell us more about the procedure and the process

We performed a Dermaplaning Deep Pore Cleansing Facial using SkinCeuticals products. With Dermaplanning, we remove all dead skin cells & remove the superficial hair (peach fuzz) from the skin. We then continued with double cleansing, we exfoliated the skin with micro exfoliants under the steamer. We performed extractions (removed blackheads and impurities from the skin), then we used high frequency to close pores and kill bacteria on the surface. After we applied special serums for hydrating, brightening, and protecting the skin. Once that’s done, we use massage techniques in order to help penetrate all the products used and finally, we applied a peel off-Algae Mask to hydrate and moisturize the skin. We finish it off with eye cream, a moisturizer and of course sunscreen.

Tools used:

High frequency

Products used:

Cleanser: Simply Clean
Exfoliant: Micro-Exfoliating
Serums: CE Ferulic, Serum 20 AOX+
Mask: Casmara Firming and Stimulating Kiwi Mask
Eye cream: A.G.E Eye Complex
Moisturizer: Hydrating B5 Gel
Sunscreen: Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF50

Spark Laser Center Face Mask
– What’s your favorite skin treatments and why?

My Favorite treatment is Microneedling. Although facials are crucial for me before getting Microneedling.

Microneedling done right and consistently can bring about beautiful changes to the skin. From personal experience, Microneedling has changed my skin. It has made my post acne scars smaller and lighter. It has also made my skin texture softer and firmer. I have seen life changing results on my clients and it’s a really gratifying treatment! It doesn’t require a lot of down time and it’s safe to perform on basically all skin types!

Spark Laser Center Skinceuticals

Questions for Spark Laser Center  director :
– What’s your beauty secrets for young and smooth skin?

My secret is 2-3 liters of alkaline water a day and a consistent skin regime for day time and night.

– What’s your best travel skincare tips?

Never go anywhere without SPF!

– How did you start working in the beauty industry?

I started 15 years ago when I was a teen, I worked at a medical spa on Wall Street and I loved it ever since. I really believe if you feel confident on the outside, you can conquer anything in this world. Confidence is key.

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– Whats in-office procedures people should try more and why?

I suggest people try hydrafacials more as a pose to basic facials. They are drastically different and you’ll never want a basic one again.

– What’s your personal must-have products and treatments?

Must have products are SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense and C E Ferulic. Procedures would have to be our laser skin rejuvenation treatment (skin tightening) and our booster treatment in our platinum hydrafacials. The boosters are a special serum that really does magic.

 -How Spark Laser Center is different?

Spark Laser is different because we work ethically & from the heart. We aim for long term results with our clients that can be achieved in the shortest amount of time possible!  We care about your overall experience, we cater to you from beginning to end. We offer wine & snacks and we truly want to see you get the most enjoyable experience possible.

– You have a lot of men beauty services – what is the most popular?

For men, I would say laser hair removal is becoming more common than people think. Men are benefitting now just as much as women, and they are not hesitating to toss their razor for the laser!

Our expert reported: -“Two weeks later my skin is still glowing. I am very happy with the result and my overall experience with Spark Laser!”.
MyTopFace Hack: if you want the result to stay longer follow up with SkinCeuticals skin care routine based on the recommendation from your esthetician.
MyTopFace team can’t wait to come back and try Microneedling at Spark Laser Center.


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