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Spectral DNC­N – How it can save your hair!

spectral dnc-n

As we prepare for winter, most of us will experience the feelings of despair from dry and damaged hair, thinning or even hair loss; which is often caused by the colder climate. It is always the time of year when hair problems are most frequent where you can experience higher hair loss and find balding spots. We wanted to research further and find the best product to not only protect the quality of your hair, but also make your scalp healthier!

A lot of people suffer from this common problem, and we were determined to provide the solution for everyone. After browsing the internet and trying through a few disappointing products, our team then started searching for what people were recommending on blogs and forums, and we came across Spectral DNC-N.

Reading through the forums, we found that people shared a lot of positive stories and feedback on this particular product; stating it was a miracle worker, how they enjoy much healthier hair and how it has boosted their confidence. So the buzz created by Spectral DNC-N instantly made us want to review it further and see if the results worked.

What made this product stand out for us; was by its ability to tackle both the scalp and frontline hair for problems, whilst also using the latest technology of using Nanosomes, which is ideal for those who already know they are allergic to Minoxidil. E.g. rather than using harmful chemicals that causes allergic reactions, this product uses molecular sized natural solution.

save your hair spectral dnc-n

If you haven’t heard of Nanosomes, then they are basically encapsulated active ingredients (200 times smaller than a human skin cell) encased inside a microsphere – which will formulate to vastly improve the health of your hair.

If you start using Spectral DNC-N for hair loss issues, then you must be prepared to commit for the full course – otherwise you may reverse the progress.

How to use Spectral DNC-N:

  • Must apply twice daily.
  • For each hair application session, you must measure the quantity by six sprays and then gently rub the liquid over the whole affected area.
  • After use, you must immediately wash your hands!


You must not stop the process or be interrupted when applying Spectral DNC-N, and always ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Always follow product instructions, and immediately seek medical attention if you experience any side-effects.

Overall, many people favoured the new feel on their scalp afterwards from using this product – whilst stating that products like Minoxidil often caused irritation and greasiness to their scalp. Spectral DNC-N offers the complete opposite; in comfort, shinier and healthier looking hair.

Another factor that we found popular with this product, is also its economical use too! The quantity needed is small, which makes consumption per bottle a lot less – beneficial to also saving you money too!

save your hair spectral dnc-n

In Conclusion:

From all the products we tried and tested to find the cure for losing hair, we were definitely impressed with what Spectral DNC-N can do, and it is definitely worth your time and money in trying.


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