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Spectral.LASH Advanced Lash Enhancer

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As you already know, our site has reviewed countless products in the health and beauty niche. Eyelash enhancers are one of the top products searched for by women today. Today’s review focuses on Spectral.LASH Advanced Lash Enhancer. The maker of this product is DS Laboratories.

So many women complain about their eyelashes. They simply do not like them for a variety of reasons. Either they are too short or too thin, which makes up the majority of dissatisfaction. There are tons of products that promise to give longer, thicker, fuller, healthier lashes out there, but many of them fall well short of their claims.

We tend to review products that have garnered either a lot of attention or just have something about it that sticks out. Spectral.LASH is a standout for a few reasons. The price is $70 for a 2.4 ml pen, which may seem a little high. But it was the customer reviews that made it stand out to us, so we decided to try it for ourselves.

Product Features

What we noticed first that made Spectral.LASH different was the ingredients. A lot of lash enhances use bimatoprost, which is a drug that has been used to treat glaucoma. Spectral.LASH uses a peptide complex. These peptides are composed of amino acids, and work to not only improve the health of lashes, but the eyelids in general. These peptides stimulate keratin genes, which is believed to help improve eyelid health.

Lash Enhancer

How to Use Spectral.LASH

There are a few things you should know before using Spectral.LASH. You use it just like you would if you were putting on eyeliner. The applicator is unique in that you use a button to click how much of the solution is dispensed. That is one of the most awesome things we have seen in a product like this. Now, the next thing you need to know is that you need a steady hand to do this. If you cannot pull this off, enlist the help of a trusted friend.

Once you have the solution on the applicator, apply it gently across your upper and lower eyelid. Initially, you’ll want to do this a few times a day. We did it three times a day. You might experience some irritation if you get some of the solution in your eye, but that is as bad as it gets

Lash Enhancer

That’s really it. After about three weeks, we followed the recommendation and cut down the application frequency to once a day for maintenance purposes.

The Results

After about six weeks, we noticed that lashes became much healthier – looking than with any other product we have previously tested. Lashes were not only longer and thicker, but more vibrant looking. It was so amazing!

Lash Enhancer

The Verdict

As far as MyTopFace.com is concerned, we highly recommend Spectral.LASH. In our testing of this product, we found that although it might be a little pricier than similar products, that cost is justified. It performed exactly the way the manufacturer says it will, and it has lived up to that claim from the first day and on to the sixth week.

Ladies, if you are looking for a lash enhancer that truly works, we suggest ordering Spectral.LASH so you can say goodbye to those short, thin lashes you hate and say hello to those long, beautiful lashes you have always wanted.


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