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It was the eve of one of our MyTopFace Beauty experts trip to the tropical destination of Cuba when she realized she didn’t have a razor to travel with! With all signals bikinis and little dresses ahead, no razor was not an option. As the kind of team who’s quick paced New York lifestyle often equates to a forgetful shaving moment, this wasn’t at all a new problem for us. However, it was often one we never had a comfortable solution to. Luckily one of her MTF team members was able to bail our Beauty Expert out in a big way. Here enters the innovative Sphynx Razor. This device is designed by and made for women who live their lives on the move. Sphynx was invented to help women sidestep the bathroom bound nature of shaving and make it easier for ladies to shave on the go without pain. Not to mention it is carry on friendly, our hero!Sphynx Rotating Design Portable Razor

We have all been in a situation where a quick shave was needed. Running out the door to an event, looking in the mirror, making those final touches, saying “damn I look good”. Then realizing that you didn’t shave your legs… and that you needed to be out the door 30 minutes ago. You shave quickly without water or soap just to get out the door and end up with a painful ingrown hair that makes you vow to never do this to yourself again. You say you will be more responsible with your shaving habits. Then repeat the process next week and the next… and the next. So, that is where rotating Sphynx travel razor steps in. The portable pod shaped shaving device fits easily in the palm of your hand and has everything you need to get a comfortable shave built into its circular rotating wheel. This piece was designed in a way that is comfortable to hold, easy to throw in a bag and all around built to give you one less problem to deal with. 3 easy steps that can be done in the back of a cab? Sign us up.

This shave pod is designed with everything a woman could need for a shave on the go.  It looks like a makeup compact or a mirror so no one would ever think “ hey that girl is caring around a razor- scary!”. It comes in a range of colors that are easy to spot in your already overcrowded handbag in a pinch. All you have to do us wet your legs, lather and remove that hair!

There are other quick shave models out there, but none that pack the punch of a portable water spritzer to actually make your shave comfortable and not give us that ever dreaded shave rash that often accompanies our faster shaving moments. This is what really makes this shave on- the-go easy! Another thing we loved about this unit was that the soap side of the pod actually felt nice and useful going on. Other razors we have tried that had soap built in were not of the same quality. These blades often left our skin feeling sticky and goopy due to the quality of the product used. This shave bar is Shea butter based so we know it’s actually hydrating our skin and making our skin smooth. Sphynx comes with 2 built in razors on the wheel so you will really never be left without a way to shave. Think of it as a backup- for your backup. The gals at Sphynx really have thought of everything!

Sphynx Razor Brown

MTF Beauty Hack: We would recommend buying one of these units and keeping it as a backup to always have in your purse or gym bag. That is defiantly the products best usage! It really is so easy to use that you can do it anywhere, anytime!

After using the Sphynx unit for a long weekend away our MyTop Beauty Editor was impressed with her results. Having relatively fine body hair- this razor does its job at getting those pesky hairs away safely. As the brands’ website tells us, the best solution for an easy shave on the go was for them to use a single blade design. If you are a person who is used to a multi-blade razor this is NOT going to give you the close shave you are used to. Our beauty expert is used to using a men’s razor for that smooth and tight to the skin shave at home, so at first was a little dismayed by her results with this product. But when reminded that this was to be expected for the convenience of the unit, still really loved this product and gives it very high marks for the brilliance of design. We used it everywhere, from touch ups in the back seat of a 1960’s Buick to the back bushes of a beach club (true story) and by the end of the weekend we were won over by the discrete and user-friendly Sphynx.


Sphynx Portable Razor Blue Color

MTF Beauty Hack: If you have VERY coarse or thick body hair this product might not be for you!  Sphynx seems to have a pretty forgiving return policy on their site, though- so it is worth trying this one yourself! If you fall into this category the razor can probably only be used for emergency touch ups, but could still be very useful to keep around! You could also consider products like these to help your shave go smoothly.

Overall, the Sphynx razor will continue to have a place in our handbag for a long time going forward. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up an offensive amount of room in our bag, but also useful enough to earn its place in there either way. You can easily pick up replacement razors and soap bars in Ulta or online with Sphynx directly. The brand offers free shipping in the US over $25 so buy yourself one for your desk and one for your bag to always be prepared on the go! So if you are as forgetful as us with your shaving regimen this product could be your new holy grail! Get ready to shave anywhere, and at any time and be hairless as a Sphinx ( the cat that is!).


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