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Spray Tanning at City Glow

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The warm days are coming and summer is just a few weeks away, but it’s still might be a little chilly to go sunbathing. As a solution, you can go tanning, but if you’re not into artificial UV lights or do not like to be closed in the tan bed, then – spray tanning is a good solution for you.

We’ve visited City Glow for a Red Carpet Facial a while ago, and now we have returned to try their Spray Tan service! City Glow offers two types of services: Rapid Spray Tan and Custom Spray Tan.

The Rapid Tan service is made for those who are looking to get a fast tan solution without any efforts. It works best for business people, moms and anyone with a busy schedule, who needs to get tanned fast and continue with daily tasks. With the Rapid Tan service, you can take a shower and clean off the solution as soon as 3 hours after the procedure.

The Custom Spray Tan service will require a longer time before you can take a shower or go to bed, you will need between 8 and 24 hours before you can wash off the solution. This service fit for those who can dedicate more time for settling process, but as a result, you will get a darker and better-looking color on the skin.

Our beauty expert went for Glow Package, that includes Facial and, Spray Tanning. The facial service in the package includes specific products that make your tan to stay longer. The expert chose the Rapid Tan service and, as required before the tanning procedure she had her skin exfoliated, she did not use any lotions or makeup, and another important part of getting ready – is to have the right dress, as you have to wear loose and dark clothes.

Upon arrival at City Glow in East Village, our expert was greeted by Lana who explained and performed the procedure. The first step before the tanning is Christina Facial, that you receive while sitting in an amazing massage chair.

city glow christina facial

The facial includes enzyme application to cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulates cell metabolism. It starts with face wash and makeup removal, then Lana proceeded to the face massage and applied peptide mask that helps to stimulate collagen production, hydrate and lock moisture in the skin. The next step is the Vino Sheen Serum Application that smoothes fine lines and fights the signs of aging, improves skin elasticity and aligns tone and texture of the skin.

The next and the final step is the tanning itself! For that MyTopFace expert went to a special room with the tanning equipment and where everything is ready for the procedure. You need to get undressed and get ready to be sprayed with a spray gun, if you are not looking to cover a whole body it is better to wear something that you wouldn’t mind to get sprayed as it may get colored. The tanning process is very fast and takes about 15 minutes to cover the whole body, once it’s done – you’re ready to go!

City Glow NYC

After the procedure, it is important to give it at least 3 hours for rapid and 8 hours for a custom tan before taking a bath or doing any activities that will make you sweat. On the first day avoid taking shower or bath for too long as this may affect the color and longevity of the tan.

MyTopFace Hack: cover your nails with a clear polish to avoid stains or nails getting yellow.

Our expert reported that the tan has lasted for about a week which is a good result for a rapid tan service! – “This is a great service that you can do as often as needed, as a full body or just for the touch-ups!”


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