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Sugaring at Sugarie Studio

sugaring at sugarie studio
Our expert was extremely happy with Yumi Lash Lift at Sugarie Studio, so we decided to come back to try the sugaring service.
– Why customers choose sugaring instead of wax or laser hair removal?
Sugaring is the healthiest method of hair removal which has been used for over a thousand years. Sugaring paste, made of only natural ingredients, such as sugar, water, and lemon juice, is an absolutely hypoallergenic product. People with sensitive skin choose sugaring because it’s gentle on the skin and never cause an allergic reaction. A sugaring paste is never hot what makes the procedure more pleasant and almost painless for a client. The hairless period between procedures times longer than after regular waxing, also the hair growing back softer, thinner, less visible. Using sugaring as the only type of hair removal helps to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs as well as get rid of old ones.
Sugaring Tamaras Organic
– Why did you decide to use Tamara’s sugaring instead of others?
I’ve been trying many different brands of sugaring paste from all over the world and I think Tamara’s paste is the best one because its consistency is very soft what makes the application more comfortable for a client,  also their paste is USDA organic certified.

– Can you use sugaring for all body areas?

Absolutely! Sugaring can be performed on any skin type and any part of the body except men’s beard.

– How should one treat skin after sugaring?

Proper aftercare makes a big difference. Exfoliation and hydration are the best friends in achieving soft skin result. There are restrictions for the first 24-48 hours after sugaring: no sun exposure, beach, pool, gym for the first 48 hours; sugared area should be free of any product (lotion, antiperspirant) for the first 24 hours; also, it’s recommended to avoid wearing synthetic material and tight-fitting clothing immediately after sugaring.

– How long will the result last after sugaring?

The results are individual, however, it usually lasts up to 1 month.

– What technique are you using for henna tint and eyebrow shapes?
I use French technique of modeling eyebrows based on the golden ratio.

sugaring sugarie studio

– How to treat eyebrows for a longer result?

Eyebrow signature shape (henna tint) is an alternative to permanent makeup, stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks and for up to 2 months on eyebrow hair. To keep the result as long as possible it’s recommended to avoid water on the eyebrows for the first 24 hours and avoid cleansers and other products on eyebrows until effect disappears.

After the visit, the expert noted that the skin had no irritation after sugaring procedure and looked smooth and healthy. The  henna tint look very good after washing the face and overall she is amazed with the quality of her visit to Sugarie Studio where you can get multiple services at the same time.

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