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Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring Hair Removal

The hottest period of summer came in and we want to look shiny and hairless! MyTopFace experts are testing different procedures and places to get skin its best look. There are people that prefer waxing, some prefer laser hair removal, other prefer sugaring. Today we are going to interview Rita, a sugaring master with eleven years of experience who also provides a training course on sugaring procedure.

Rita, how did your beauty journey begin?

My name is Margarita Arutyunyan and I am a certified sugaring technician. At a certain stage of my life, I realized that I was very interested in the beauty industry in general and the kinds of hair removal.

Sugaring was not my hobby, at first I was just a client and was studying Marketing in Moscow and I was planning to connect my future with this profession. But after I found my personal sugaring master that was really great I saw that this is not just hair removal, but a whole complex of skin care. I watched the work of my master with a very big interest and she strongly advised me to try it myself. So I thought about it and then my interest grew into something more than just self-care procedure or hobby. I realized that in this profession I can finally be able to achieve my ambitions and “take a step” towards my own small business.

So I was trained by my master first and after that my interest grew even more. I wanted to learn about sugaring from the best masters and hoped that later this will help me to open my spa-studio in Russia.

I’ve seen my goal pretty clearly, I wanted to become a professional in this field. I wanted to set new goals for myself and get as much information as possible. I got online and offline training, followed by professionals who got their internet blogs, read literature about beauty and learned something new every time I could. I‘m so happy I’m still doing what I like even in a new country.

What inspired you to teach people sugaring?

Once I realized that there are very few certified specialists in my area in Brooklyn, I knew it’s my time to share my knowledge. The number of my clients increasing every day and I started to work from 6 am till 10 pm including weekends. I thought I could give it a try and help the beginners to improve their skills in our profession as there are no courses in Brooklyn that can do so. I was thinking “what if my 11-years experience is giving me the opportunity to become a teacher now” and this thought was in my head over and over again. I started to make some steps towards my new dream and contacted the founders of one of the most popular brand – “Sugaring Factory”. I trained a lot and passed all the exams to become a trainer.  My teachers provided me with all the necessary information and secrets of how to train people successfully. After that, I wrote my course and all my students are already working with it now.

Sugar Wax

Why did you choose “Sugaring Factory” brand?

After testing “Sugaring Factory” products I had a strong idea that they are perfect for sugaring and body care.

During my practice, I tried different brands of sugar pastes and sugaring materials, “Sugaring Factory” impressed me and I really enjoy working with it: it is 100%  natural, hypoallergenic and is a very high-quality product.

Let’s not forget about the quality-to-price ratio. As I know “Sugaring Factory” has a great plan for the future; right now there is everything I need in the product line, but the company will continue to expand the range for sugaring products as well as makeup and cosmetics products which makes me very happy.

If a person did laser treatment, how long should she/he wait before sugaring services?

After the laser treatment, unwanted hair should fall out itself. It should be about 4 weeks after the last laser session.

What do you recommend to avoid ingrown hair?

Just want to note that ingrown hair is definitely not the master’s fault, because there are so many factors besides poor work. For example, frequent skin peeling with scrubs containing large particles, seeds etc. It seems to us that the stronger “thermonuclear” scrubs are the better for our skin; disturbance of a hormonal background; dry skin; improper skin care; synthetic and too tight underwear; wrong hair removal procedure. This also includes poor-quality work of the master; the epilator, in general, is the leader of all ingrown hair.

There is a task for a master before starting the work: to qualitatively perform the procedure and of course to inform the client about further skin care information at home.

To prevent or get rid of ingrown hair you should:

  • Moisturize skin regularly. Don’t be lazy!
  • Use lotion against ingrown hair – it really helps a lot
  • Try to wear cotton or linen. I understand, it is not convenient for us, but at least we have to try
  • Apply scrub to the skin not more than 2 times a week:  gently without traumatizing the skin.
  • Make sure you eat good healthy food and drink water – make your body happy.


How to prepare for sugaring treatment?

Before depilation, no cosmetic products can be used on the day of the procedure. After depilation of the bikini zone, fresh clothes should be put on, used clothes or linen can provoke local inflammatory reactions. On the day of the procedure, all other procedures like water and thermal shouldn’t be done, with the exception of a hygienic shower, also no physical activities associated with increased sweating.

Before you come to depilation, you need to grow hair 10-14 days prior. Hair grows unevenly, some of the hair will be longer and some shorter. The shortest hairs should be at least 3mm long.

What customers can and can’t do after the sugaring treatment?

Right after the sugaring, it is not recommended to use oily creams, which contain oils that can clog pores and cause their inflammation. Try staying away from baths, saunas, and public pools. It is highly recommended not to tan after hair removal to avoid pigmentation spots. Do not schedule workout on the day of hair removal, it is better to go the day before or after the procedure.

Sugaring is not traumatic procedure as long as it made by a profesional technician who specializes in this service.

Sugaring Factory

Why do you prefer sugaring instead of waxing?

First of all, sugaring removes hair on its growth direction, whereas wax depilation suggests removing the hair against growth, because of this hair bends sharply and usually breaks off without being removed from the root. The sugaring procedure is less painful and you will be surprised with its result and quality. Some other pros:

  • The components of sugar paste less likes to cause skin allergies.
  • (this is extremely important) Sugaring procedure can be used even for people with varicose veins.
  • Sugar paste can be used both manually and in combination with tissue/paper strips.

However, there are some women who got used to waxing, but after trying sugaring and getting excellent results they usually change their opinion.

Is sugaring service suitable for everyone?

Like any procedure sugar depilation has its contraindications:

  1. Damaged skin. Refrain from depilation until complete restoration of your skin.
  2. Burns (including sunburn). If you get a sunburn or a burn in the sun booth it is necessary to wait until the burn healed, otherwise you can injure the damaged skin.
  3. Acute and chronic skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, etc.).
  4. Severe herpes. Whenever you got the symptoms of herpes (vesicles, sores, crusts) it is necessary to postpone sugar depilation until full recovery.
  5. Varicose veins; constant swelling of the legs and feet; veins are very visible; skin pigmentation. This pathology is a contraindication for both depilation with sugar paste and for wax depilation.
  6. Diabetes mellitus. There can be hematomas, microtraumas, and wounds.
  7. Epilepsy. A slight pain that you might feel during the depilation process can provoke an epileptic attack.

Sugaring NYC

What are your beauty goals?

My main goal is to provide a high-quality service for my clients and see them smiling while they leaving my salon. I find it important to keep an eye on how the whole beauty sphere changing and always improve yourself accordingly. I hope that all my students do the same .

Thanks to “Sugaring Factory” now I can also provide some skincare products to help my clients to moist and scrub their skin after the procedure.

I like to communicate and always open to any questions and explanations of how the process is going on. I want my clients to be happy and the best compliment is when they are back after 4-5 weeks.

Margarita is a high-class Sugaring Expert and we’re extremely happy with the result. She really does magic and cares about the client and the final result. This is not your simple hair removal process, but a thorough procedure and you can feel it’s quality in every move. Skin is so smooth, hairless, shiny, and healthy!

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