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Finally, a makeup that stands up to the test of even, sweat! Sweat Cosmetics has breached the gap between looking pretty and being active by creating a translucent mineral powder that helps you look great even when you’re at the gym, or always on-the-go.


Let’s be honest, we all sweat, even when we’re not working out; sometimes are days are just hectic! If you’re hard at work, have kids or are just simply stressed out, you might find that your forehead glistens a bit more. Don’t let those pesky drips ruin your makeup! Our experts at MyTopFace have put Sweat Cosmetics to the test and their translucent mineral powder is the perfect beauty fix for an empowered woman on the go.

When it comes to your beauty routine, picking a foundation is the toughest choice to make. Liquid or powder? Medium or dark? Full coverage or sheer? Will it cake or crumble? Foundations can be tricky and appear different on every skin type. According to makeup trends today, we’re moving away from a full coverage look and moving more towards tinted moisturizers and soft powders, to let our natural beauty shine through. No cake faces here!

sweat cosmetics for active beauty powder and brush

Our experts have tried it, so we know that the Sweat Cosmetics Broad Spectrum Translucent Mineral Powder SPF30 gives you sheer coverage for breathable, natural-looking skin and protects against sweat, so you’ll stay dry all day. It’s sheer enough to use alone or over makeup to finish the look. The mineral powder is also a sunscreen with SPF30, which helps prevent premature aging, protecting against the sun’s harmful rays And, as a health-conscious society we only want to be using products on our skin that are good for our complexion and feed our natural glow. This mineral formula is dermatologist approved and packed with skin-loving ingredients like antioxidants and Vitamin E. It contains no oil, silicones, fragrance or gluten, and is hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

Not only is the formula skin friendly and perfecting, it is the perfect on-the-go makeup tool. The powder comes in a tactical-grip twist-brush, is magnetic and detachable, making it easy to wash. And, a bonus, the brush is made of synthetic and antibacterial soft buffing bristles, so it won’t clog pores! Even the packaging is vegan-friendly.

How do you use this amazing product? It’s easy. Each powder dispensing, animal friendly brush is refillable and works in a hurry for us busy women who are always doing something and going somewhere. Just load the powder pot into the twist brush, holding the brush upright and screw the pot in until it stops. Remove the brush cap, the brush will be exposed, then hold the brush at a downward angle and lightly shake or tap to dispense mineral veil.


Here at MyTopFace, our beauty experts are strong, busy women and are delighted to find a product like this that will transform our beauty routine, allowing us to choose a makeup that’s both timely and beautiful. Sweat Cosmetics has set the bar high for mineral powders and we think it will be an industry favorite among our powerful women of today.



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