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Take Care NYC Customized Facial with Tess

Take Care Body
Take Care Face & Body is not your usual beauty place, Take Care is a wellness collective of estheticians, meditation and movement facilitators that offers non-invasive, non-thermal relaxing beauty services. When entering Take Care you see the shelf with magical items and feel spiritual relaxation which gives a great mood while getting beauty treatments.
We have interviewed Co-Owner and Esthetician Tess who did Custom facial, Microcurrent, Plant Stem Cell therapy and LED light therapy for our expert.
– Tess, how did you skincare journey begin?
My skincare journey began in 2010, when my sister Sadie Adams started our Take Care New York location. I became apart of the team and she quickly trained me in her modalities. Believe it or not, I was doing hair and makeup professionally before I started with skincare!
– How do you decide to open ‘Take Care Body’?
It all happened very organically, we knew we needed to branch out on our own to support our quickly growing client base. We found the perfect professional space & Take Care was born!
Take Care Salon
– What’s your secret of success?
Our secret to success is to always be authentic and consistent with our work. We strive to create a climate that is continually supportive for our clients and Aestheticians.
– You created your own skin care line, tell our readers more about it!

People want to know what we use on our skin. We keep it very simple because we can because our treatments enhance the efficacy of whatever products one is using. That said, take care tone levity and generation are rich with potent and activated ingredients that work with any skin type, and penetrate deeply for a noticeable and immediate glow. They stand alone or enhance any skin care regimen, and act as a key player for balancing and regenerating tissue.

Many clients carry the small size levity mist and the generation serum in their handbags for a freshen up.
– How do you feel about beauty?
I feel that beauty is freedom and unique self-expression.
A balance of our insides with our outsides, respectfully recognizing the connection in all that is.

It’s wonderful that people are feeling more and more supported and free to explore self-care, community, and self-realization. It is by way of our uniqueness, self-love, and free-will that we will lift each other up, higher and higher!

– You have very interesting and unique services tell us more about them:

Wisdom Transmission an experiential exploration of physical and natural philosophy.

The ground, from which all manifest arises, is space that holds information. This council supports those interested in simultaneously increasing spaciousness and stability.

Each one of us has a unique way of interpreting our connection with nature. It is possible to clarify pathways of influence and to consciously manage our choices in participation and perception.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral work recognizes physical and energetic patterns in the body while connecting to the central nervous system. The heart of this process is how to return the body to a greater relationship with its inherent health
TMJ or TMJD refers to the Temporomandibular Joint or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder/Dysfunction. Releasing accumulated tension around this joint is known as TMJ therapy or TMJ massage.

– For our expert you provided customized facial, please tell us the step by step process and what was included

For the customized Facial, I prepped the skin by cleansing & toning with Sonage hydrating cleanser & toner. I then Used Sonage “Berry Stem Cell Mask” to gently exfoliate.

I continued to do an hour of Microcurrent for lifting & toning. We used a soothing Amber LED light for the inflammation and sun spots that I was noticing. We then applied our Plant Stem Cell therapy, which is a cell to cell communication treatment that is extremely regenerative & restorative. Leaving the skin smooth, soft and dewy. I finish the treatment with Take Care’s LEVITY hydrating mist for a bit more moisture. Expert’s skin was glowing and she left totally relaxed!
– What’s your beauty secret/hack?
My beauty hack is to give myself Microcurrent facials every other week! They are magic and never disappoint me.
– What’s your skincare routine?
My routine is always, less is more. I do Microcurrent twice a month, I use Sonage soothing cleansing creme and Take Care “Tone” as a toner. I use Sjal “Orbe eye creme” and then Take Cares “Generation Serum” for moisturizer and Levity hydrating mist. Everything I use is all natural non-toxic!
Take Care Beauty Products
– How do you relax after stress days?
After stressful days I take an Epsom salt bath. The magnesium totally recharges & relaxes me!
Our expert reported that she had a spiritual and very relaxed experience, – “Tess is very friendly and professional, I am happy with the services and result, I recommend Take Care if you look getting quality services while being truly relaxed.”


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