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The Bold Choice by Rouge New York

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When on the hunt for that perfect beauty spot, it’s always hard to find one place that has pretty much everything you need. Running from one location to another can drive anyone insane, but our MyTopFace experts found that single place that can have you feeling gorgeous in no time! Rouge NY is a versatile salon that provides services from makeup, faux lash application, and tattoo coverup to custom cosmetics creation! Our MyTopFace experts got the opportunity to question makeup artist Jenny and Rouge’s owner and head makeup artist, Rebecca Perkins.

MTF: Aside from the impressive amount of services Rouge New York offers, what sets you and your team apart from the other salons in New York?

Rebecca: Rouge is really the first and only of its kind in terms of the amount and quality of services we offer. I am not aware of a single other salon that offers a Makeup Membership as we do, allowing our clients to come in every day of the week if they like! We consider ourselves full service for your face and the more we get to see our clients, the easier it is for us to do your makeup. You know we are simply there for you and to listen to what you want, not to push anything on you that you don’t want or need.

MTF: Between the Bold Choice and the Total Polish look, which is your favorite to apply on your clients?

rouge ny makeup salon

Rebecca: The Bold Choice is definitely our most popular service. Its enough makeup that you can really feel special and put together but not too ‘done done’. Because the choice is always in the hands of the client, its always fun – you aren’t going to sign up for a Total Polish if you are a no makeup makeup gal. Total Polish is for the client who really loves makeup and wants to go for it. Which is always a blast.

Jenny: More so than a favorite look, my favorite aspect of my job is helping my client to look and feel their best whatever the occasion.  Whether it is coming in for a Total Polish red carpet ready look or a simple touch-up, I enjoy sharing my passion for makeup.

MTF: Can you please elaborate on the out-of-salon services you offer to those who might be interested in you coming to them rather than them coming to you?

Rebecca: We offer the Rouge House Call service in NYC which is perfect for brides. They come in to the salon to do a trial and then the day of the wedding a Rouge artist is on-site to do makeup for the entire bridal party. No upsells for lashes or airbrush. Everything is included. And the bigger the group, the less expensive it gets for everyone too.

MTF: Tell us about the Bespoke Beauty Bar! How does it work? What can you make? How long does it take?

Rebecca: We are having TOO much fun with the BBB. You can literally create any lip product from scratch. Other places where you can ‘make a lipstick’ only allows you to choose from pre made colors that you can blend. At the BBB, you want a ruby red glitter lipstick? done. Want to match Kylie’s sold out lip kit? done. the perfect pearly pink…and you want it to smell like apples? done. A vitamin E lipbalm for your husband? I mean, I could go on. Your imagination is pretty much the limit. My manager, Sam, made me an ultraviolet sparkle lipbalm that looks bright purple but goes on clear so its just fun to put on and remember to hydrate your lips! It takes about 20 minutes. Sometimes a bit shorter or longer depending on how clear your vision is going in.

MTF: Why did you create Rouge skincare products? What do they do?

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Rebecca: We have 3 Rouge branded skincare products – 2 mists and a serum. They pre-existed Rouge as I was having them handmade in brooklyn by this genius chemist for use on set. The idea was to create the perfect products to prep the skin for makeup application. Our serum provides incredible moisture to parched skin – it’s made from squalene oil, a miracle ingredient that moisturizes so deeply without leaving a residue on the skin. We have one toning mist for normal/dry skin and another for combination/oily skin. The mists are also great as a makeup setting spray to remove any powdery finish.

Rouge NY Makeup Clearing Owyhee Mist

MTF: How much time can one expect to be in a chair when a Rouge makeup artist is applying a full face of makeup?

Jenny: For a full face of makeup our clients can expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes for our lightest “You Only Better” look to 55 minutes for a “Total Polish” with lash application.

MTF: Does your salon accept walk-ins?

Rebecca: Yes! We do accept walk-ins but recommend booking an appointment ahead of time – which can be done thru our app, on the website, or by calling – to ensure that you won’t have to wait.

MTF: What is the C-Suite Membership? Is that the only membership your salon offers?

Rebecca: The C-Suite is a monthly membership that entitles you to come in to the salon as often you’d like for makeup applications and facial waxing. It allows the artists to really get to know your face and preferences so you don’t have to even think abouft it. Our C-Suites are our favorite clients by far.

MTF: Out of all the looks to give our MyTopFace expert, what made you decide to give her the look you applied?

Jenny: She has gorgeous eyes and lovely ivory skin so we decided to play up those features with a sultry brown smokey eye and pops of color on the cheek and lip for the summer season.

rouge ny makeup review

MTF: Were there any makeup protocols you followed that made you apply a colored lip as opposed to a nude?

Jenny: There are no rules! Makeup is a great tool to help you look and feel your best, but it is also meant to be fun! Mix it up and have fun with your lipstick, experiment.  If you are new to the makeup world or just need a couple guidelines, when going with a bold or smokey eye try a more neutral lip. If you feel like going all out try a bright lip and a bold eye for a fun night out.

MTF: Are there any new and exciting things we can expect from Rouge anytime soon?

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Rebecca: There are always new and exciting things coming. Stay tuned for our online store coming soon. And we are already looking for #3. Plus some really exciting partnerships. And we are upping our instagram game to highlight tips, techniques and products we love. Follow @rouge_ny to stay in the loop!

MyTopFace is so pleased with the results of our makeup applications! We hope to be back at Rouge New York again soon


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