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The BrowGal Helps You Get Perfect Eyebrows!

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the brow gal by tonya crooks

Your eyebrows are the perfect framework for your face. They complement your features and give the face a clean, polished look. Getting the perfect eyebrow shape is something many women strive and sometimes fail to achieve. The BrowGal, an eyebrow care line by Tonya Crooks, hopes to solve that problem. Crooks is an eyebrow specialist and makeup artists to the stars. She has taken the knowledge gathered from her work to create an eyebrow care line dedicated to the modern women. MyTopFace expert tried a few of her products to create the perfect brow look.

The BrowGal Tweezers

One of the primary objectives of the BrowGal brand is to help customers enhance their brow shape and structure. Crooks believes that one brow shape is not perfect for everyone. Instead, she teaches customers the three top eyebrow shapes: arch, arc, and straight. Once the customer has identified their brow shape, they can begin sculpting the right look for their face. MyTopFace expert used the guide to determine the arch-shaped eyebrow.

the browgal tweezers

The BrowGal tweezers are used to clean up the shape and remove stray brow hairs. MyTopFace expert found that the tweezers could grip the hairs firmly and remove them quickly. The BrowGal tweezers are black with stainless steel pointed tips. The tweezers come in a cute black box that makes it easy to store and travel with the item.

The tweezers are a great addition to any makeup kit. MyTopFace Expert likes to use them to clean up the brows between waxing appointments. The BrowGal also offers a brochure with tips about at-home eyebrow shaping. The step-by-step guide covers brow shaping, penciling, and aftercare. The brand also offers Skype lessons to teach you expert tricks of the trade.

The BrowGal Brow Brush

The brow brush should be used after tweezing to keep the brows in place. The brush can also be used with a brow pencil to create a solid brow shape. The black charcoal tool has a spoolie on one end and an angled makeup brush on the other end. The spoolie is used to comb the brows in place. The angled brush is used to apply gel or powders to the brow.

the browgal brow brush

MyTopFace expert used the spoolie to comb brows before applying any product. The spoolie kept the brows need and tiny. Next, MyTopFace expert used the angled brush to apply powder to the brows. The brush is great for holding product which allowed the expert to build a clean brow look.

The BrowGal Wet/Dry Convertible Powder & Pomade Duo

This kit is a set of three different powders that become pomades when they are wet. They can be used to fill in the brows and enhance the brow shape. The BrowGal Duo is available in shades for light to dark hair. MyTopFace expert used the light hair convertible brow kit to define brows.

the browgal convertible brow

MyTopFace expert used the BrowGal brow brush to apply the pomade to brows. The shades were soft and complementary to the skin. The pomade kept brow hairs in place without looking heavy and overdone.

The BrowGal Clear Water Resistant Brow Gel

The BrowGal eyebrow gel is made to keep brows neat, tidy, and in place all day. It can be used with or without makeup to define the brow shape. The gel comes in a black tube with a mascara applicator brush. The gel is clear so it leaves no color behind when it dries. MyTopFace expert used the applicator to apply the gel after putting on a full face of makeup.

the browgal clear water resistant eyebrow gel

MyTopFace expert found that the gel dried without leaving a flaky, white residue. The gel kept the brows in place all day. MyTopFace expert recommends shaking the tube before applying the gel. Apply the gel in upward strokes to comb the product through every brow hair.

The BrowGal Second Chance Eyebrow Enhancement Serum

The BrowGal has created a serum that will upgrade your brow look. The Enhancement Serum is made with Restoplex technology- a green technology exclusive to BrowGal. The serum comes in a black tube with a mascara applicator. The applicator vibrates with three different speed settings. MyTopFace expert clicked the button on the top of the tube to turn the vibration on and off.

the browgal second chance eyebrow enhancement serum

The serum promises results in as little as four weeks. It can also be used to stimulate lash growth. MyTopFace expert used the serum at night during her beauty routine. Our Expert had sparse brows and noticed that the serum made her brows look healthier and fuller.

The BrowGal products are ideal for every brow shape and shade! They make brows look defined, healthy and frame the face perfectly.


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