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The Derma Roller System: Micro Needling at Home

When the MyTopFace Beauty Expert team took our first glance at The Derma Roller System a few of us were a little confused, maybe a little scared even. We all know about dermatologist and medical spas offering micro needling treatments. But few of us didn’t know it was available as a home treatment. This procedure can be a little intimidating when done by a professional. Even more so when trying to add a Derma Roller to your home skincare routine. Once you collect all the information needed, you start to feel more confident.

So, let’s start from the top. Micro Needling has been around for a while now. It’s been popular around Europe for years. Now Micro Needling is the new rave in the beauty industry, and for good reason. For the skin to be healthy and have that flawless glow. Cells need to be consistently replenished. The skin turnover process happens every 28 days on average. Micro needling is just naturally speeding up the process. Micro needling also referred to as collagen therapy. Is the use of tiny medical grade needles that create microchannel (tiny holes) in the skin. The process manipulates the skin into using its natural ability to heal itself. By doing so, the skin produces collagen and elastin. Thus, smoothing out scars and wrinkles. This is amazing for aging skin! Micro needling also helps with skin hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks.

The Derma Roller System

The Derma Roller System is one of many hands held rollers available for retail. Our beauty team has been trying The Derma Roller System for about a week now. Being completely honest results were seen immediately. The roller head has 200 fine medical-grade needles. There are different needle sizes, depending on skin type and conditions, you can choose what fits your skin type. Before applying The Derma Roller on to the skin, a few steps must be taken. Our skin surface has billions of bacteria. Cleansing is a MUST!

When using the Derma Roller, we’re technically creating light punctures on the skin surface. If the skin isn’t cleaned, all the bacteria would enter, probably causing more acne, and infection. After that’s done the next step would be to disinfect the head where all the needles are located. Rubbing alcohol that’s 70 percent or higher would be best.  An easy way to disinfect the roller is to pour some rubbing alcohol in a cup and dip the roller in head first and let the roller soak for about 30 seconds. Then let the roller air dry. Now that everything is clean you are ready to go.

Like We mentioned before it’s a little scary the first time. If needed, try the Derma Roller on the forearm. Applying mild pressure roll ten times horizontally and vertically, and do it by sections. We suggest only to use the Derma Roller system two or three times a week. Especially if the needles are bigger than 1.0 mm. If there are no hypersensitive responses then use more frequently. The Derma Roller is safe to use all over the body. Most frequent spots include the neck, face, and arms. Avoid using the Derma Roller right after waxing or any laser treatment. Give your skin a week or two at best. Also for the sensitive and reactive skin squad, this process will defiantly have your skin on edge. Therefore, less weekly usage and light to mild pressure when using the Derma roller. Direct sunlight right after use should be avoided.

MyTopFace beauty experts recommend everyone try The Derma Roller System at least once. Trust us you will be amazed at the results. MyTopFace team want especially advise mothers that suffer from skin elastin tearing (stretch marks) to try the Derma Roller System. We have experienced great results in that area as well. Elastin and Collagen mainly develop in the Dermis. The dermis is the second layer of the skin and the thickest. Which is why it’s hard to get rid of stretch marks.The Derma Roller is for stimulating the Dermis more than the Epidermis (first skin layer). It’s all in The Derma (Dermis) Roller System.


For even better results try applying a moisturizer or face serum that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for protecting and maintaining collagen and helps neutralize free radicals in the skin.  For those of you that don’t know what free radicals are. They are molecules or atoms with an unpaired electron that damage the skin and cause aging. Meaning free radicals are our worst enemy.


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