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The First Manicure Kiosk has Launched – FingerNails2Go is here!


It’s official ladies! There is an actual kiosk that you can stick you hand in and it will do your nails for you! The FingerNail2Go manicure kiosk has officially launched, and of course MyTopFace was the first on the scene, and sent one of our experts out to Lisbon to meet at their manufacturer’s headquarters, Tensator SA, to catch a glimpse of the very first FingerNails2Go Kiosk to be released and we were completely and utterly blown away! AMAZING is literally the first word that comes to mind when you first experience the wonder of the FingerNails2Go Kiosk! This amazing invention is going to revolutionize so much in the nail and beauty industry, we have been bursting at the seams to tell all of our readers, about this ridiculously awesome FingerNails2Go kiosk.


Our MyTopFace Expert sat down with owner, Butch and his colleague Bonnie, to pick their genius brains about the revolutionary FingerNails2Go concept – and of course, they let our expert try it out for herself! Here’s what they had to say….

MyTopFace: Fingernails2Go is one of the most exciting nail revolutions we’ve ever heard of, and it honestly seems like something that’s going to take the world by storm! What an amazing and innovative concept. Can you tell us a little bit more about the entire concept of fingernails2go, and what you’re hoping its primary purpose will be in the nail and beauty industry?

Butch: Yes it is very exciting. We see our Fingernails2Go kiosk reaching out across the globe and into every major retailer , shopping mall , airports , hairdressers and fitness premises to provide girls from as young as 12 to girls in there teens , twenties, thirties and beyond with a high quality nail art print to express their fashion and individuality in a fast and affordable way.  You simply select a design or set of designs and print the designs onto your nails or set of artificial nails.

MyTopFace: We’d love to hear more about the person or people behind Fingernails2go and what their inspiration and motivation behind this super awesome nail kiosk was?

Butch: The Fingernails2Go kiosk started as an idea that came about while the founder was recovering from back surgery and with over 20 years experience within the kiosk industry he wanted to see if there was a way to capitalize on the boom in the demand for nail art and girls looking to express their own personality easily and uniquely.

MyTopFace: We love how simple, easy and convenient the Nail Art Kiosk is, could you tell us more about the functionality of it? How does the printing end up looking so fabulous on our nails and what’s the technique behind the bespoke HP printing? We’d love to hear more about the actual Triton Ink that gets used on the printing of the nails too, and what makes it so different from any other nail art on the market?

Butch: During the past four years we have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve a high definition  nail print . We have a great kiosk manufacturer as a partner (Tensator SA) who have been building kiosks for years. The most difficult obstacle to overcome during our trials was to find a printer that could print a high definition image or photo  evenly onto the curve of a nail.

As we all know HP are probably the world’s leaders in printing so we approached them  and asked them to help us out.

HP looked at our prototype kiosk and then carried out market research to establish the demand globally. They were very excited and keen to get involved and  joined in our dream to provide  a nail art kiosk that can print nail art onto natural or artificial nails in 2 seconds!

We then came up against another obstacle – the ink had to comply with Cosmetic Regulations!

HP directed us to Tritron – one of the few specialist  ink manufacturers in the world.  Tritron formulated a specialist ink that complies with cosmetic regulations and would work in conjunction with our unique kiosk.. It took Tritron 13 months to produce the cosmetic regulated ink.


MyTopFace: That is truly incredible! So, how is that you choose Tensator SA specifically to create and manufacture the Fingernails2go kiosk, what set them apart from the rest?

Butch: Tensator is a global manufacturing company who specialize in kiosks for the retail market. We chose Tensator as they have the ability to dial into the kiosk and carry out a full online diagnostic support that also provides the ability for uploads of new images and videos that can be played on the kiosk while the customer’s nails are being printed.

Tensator have offices across many countries and provide a large range of kiosks and queuing systems to the retail market. Tensator even have products on the international space station!

fingernails2go set

MyTopFace: That’s fantastic! You, clearly made the right choice! What countries are the FingerNails2Go kiosks available right now and how would someone go about purchasing one to have in their salon or store?

Butch: Fingernails2Go have kiosks in the Caribbean, Israel, New Zealand, Germany and a few other countries. We are now seeking Exclusive master distributors and owner operators for other countries across the globe. We would be happy to accept inquiries from interested parties through our web site www.fingernails2go.com

MyTopFace: We love that there are over 1000 designs to choose from, and the fact that we can bring in our own designs or even take photo on the spot with the kiosk camera to be printed onto our nails, or even connect your phone via the WiFi on the kiosk and upload your own photo. Can you tell us more about the creative team that worked on these designs with you?

Butch: Our designs have been created by a team of creative and artistic individuals who are up to speed with current fashion trends!   Any  ideas and suggestions for new images are accepted  via email on our web site  and are welcomed all the time! We also collaborate with fashion designers. Customers can also send  images and pictures from their smart phone to the kiosk to print onto their nails . We have seen everything from boyfriends , girlfriends, pets and patterns being applied to customers nails after sending the image to the kiosk from their smart phone.

MyTopFace: How long would the designs last on our nails and if we wanted to remove them how would we go about doing that?

Butch: The designs will last the same length of time as normal nail polish , we recommend customers apply a clear top coat to extend the life of the image. The images can be removed the normal way with nail polish remover. Can the FingerNails2Go designs be printed on acrylic, gel and natural nails?


MyTopFace: We’ve heard that you can also print out which ever design you prefer onto a set of artificial nails that you can use at a later stage or have set by a nail technician?

Butch: The Fingernails2Go is designed to print images and nail art onto  both natural and artificial nails beautifully.

Our artificial nails come in a set of 20 to provide the customer with extra nails and can be applied immediately or taken home to apply before a night on the town and you don’t need a nail technician.  You can have the same of different images on either natural or artificial nails – It’s so simple!

MyTopFace: Is it possible to choose a different design for each nail or would you need to choose a pre-set of chosen designs for all of your fingernails?

Butch: We designed the kiosk to provide the customer with a huge choice of nail art. Our customers can choose a separate image or photo for each nail which means the choices are endless.

fingernails2go designs

MyTopFace: We’re so excited to try this revolutionary and innovative nail art kiosk on our own nails and look forward to seeing them in every train station, airport, mall and salon very soon!

Butch: Fingernails2Go is a fantastic kiosk and we are so excited. The kiosk can be installed in virtually any retail environment and is so simple and easy to use.


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