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The Foundation stones of flawless, clear complexion and a radiant supple skin to eternity!!

best foundation

Foundations are skin colored cosmetic formulations that are applied on face to get a smooth, velvety skin, to cover spots and blemishes and to get a lighter complexion full of radiance.

Foundations can be matched to the skin tone and applied on the skin. However, sometimes, a different mix and match of shades enhances one’s complexion and radiance. E.g. a beige toned foundation can go very well on reddish or freckled skin by toning down the excessive redness. If the skin tone is medium or olive, a peach-based buff color of the foundation will be the best. And a sallow complexion can be sparkled with a dash of pink tinged foundation.

Foundations are also chosen based on their consistency which in turn determines the opacity of the make-up. Based on this opacity and coverage benefit, foundations can come in 4 basic types of consistency; viz.

  • Sheer: This is the most transparent with the least amount of pigment (8-13%). This does not totally cover the skin and is useful if your skin has minor spots and blemishes
  • Light: This kind of foundation has only slightly higher amount of pigment (13-18%) to effectively cover the unevenness of the skin tone.
  • Medium: This contains about 18-23% pigment and can cover almost all the color anomalies on the skin like pigmentation, pimple spots, blemishes, freckles, etc
  • Full: This can have upto 35% pigment. The really deep scars, white patches, birth marks and hyper pigmentation can be covered by this kind of foundation.


  1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    best foundationsAs the name suggests, here is a silky smooth foundation to flirt with your skin. It has medium coverage and hence it is suited to almost all skin types. The range of colors it offers is so wide that you can match the appropriate shade with your skin tone with effortless ease.
  2. Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1best foundationsHere is a foundation that can act as a time saving option. The foundation has primer, concealer as well as foundation. So, one may not need to waddle through so many coatings! Just one coat and it is enough. You can match from the wide variety of shades available.
  3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundationbest foundationsLight and natural feel with a fruity scent is the USP of this product. Here is a smooth gel for those who want to wear the no make-up look. So, it gives a natural flawless finish. The serum benefits the skin while providing mild coverage.
  4. Clinique Pore Refining Solutionsbest foundationsClinique is offering a unique combo; viz. light weight yet good coverage. Now clogging of pores will be history. Here is a foundation that covers but allows the skin to breathe.
  5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundationbest foundationsAs the name suggests, the guarantee is total coverage. It has a matte finish so, the opacity does not make the skin shiny or oil-drenched. What’s more this has the biggest range of shades to choose from; viz. 31 shades.
  6. BOBBI BROWN SKIN FOUNDATIONbest foundationsHere is a sheer, light foundation, if you want that no make-up look. If your skin is already perfect, this foundation can give the perfect look from Bobbi Brown’s collection.
  7. Diorskin Nude Foundationbest foundationsThis one is going to pamper your skin again. It is again for those who want to go with a no make-up look with good coverage benefit also. It has a natural shine-free glow which makes it suitable for almost all skin types.
  8. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundationbest foundationsHere is again a 3-in-1 option of a primer, concealer and foundation all packed in a bottle. It has medium texture but still it can provide full coverage in just a single coating, thanks to the 3-in-1 option.
  9. Lancome Teint Miracle Foundationbest foundationsLight to medium texture and coverage with a lower price tag in the high end brands is the USP of Lancome’s Teint Miracle foundation. What’s more, it comes in a plethora of shades to choose from.
  10. No. 7 Stay Perfect Foundationbest foundationsIF your prime concern is to choose the exact shade that matches with your skin tone, here you go with No. 7 Stay Perfect. It has a device to recognize the exact shade of your skin to match it with its wide range of shades so as to make shade selection tad easy.


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