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The LALIQUE Press Launch Showcased their Newest Fragrances

Invited by Sarah Gargano from LALIQUE, MyTopFace was extremely excited to attend the LALIQUE press launch at the LALIQUE Showroom located at 133 Fifth Avenue, with their entrance on 20th Street, to preview their brand new fragrance collections.

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With a chic and elegant little entranceway into the LALIQUE showroom, the excitement was bubbling in our veins, as we stepped into a heavenly and luxuriously scented showroom, filled with designer crystal glass gorgeously displayed all over the place, from fragrance bottles that look like they’re literally fit for a queen, to large golden and brass goblet looking vases on display, we were in absolute awe! So, once again we have to thank Sarah for inviting us, we had an amazing time at the LALIQUE press launch.

We got to try out their newest feminine fragrance, Reve d’Infini as well as their Limited Edition LALIQUE L’Amour, we also got to touch and look at the LALIQUE 2016 Anemone Limited Edition Perfume Bottle, all of which were utterly breathtaking!

 Reve d’Infini

lalique reve d'infini

The Reve d’Infini is probably one of the most beautifully and womanly correct fragrances we have ever come across! Radiant, eternal and sparkly, this fragrance has a sensuous feel to it and you can deeply feel and sense the delicate ingredients sweeping up around you, as you spray it, including freesia, bergamot, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, peach, and rose-scented lychee. The bottle is even better than the fragrance inside, inspired by the jewelled art-deco phase, this bottle is a modern and sleek design. The soft curves of this masterfully designed bottle has been adorned with a satin finish, evoking both the crystal and the velvety softness of skin.

L’AMOUR Eau de Parfum

lalique lamour

We looooved this floral and woody scented L’AMOUR Eau de Parfum, it really is one of those sensuous floral fragrances that makes you feel like you’re wearing a unique and secret love potion on your skin! It’s the absolute seduction eau de parfum to add to your collection, but we would keep it in a secret stash, as this is one of those fragrance’s that you’re going to want to bring out for a very special occasion. With top notes of luscious Neroli and gorgeous rose buds, you can smell the jasmine and gardenia tones making their way through. Of course the musky sandalwood and cedar wood are present, but just ever so gently, bringing all the scents in this parfum together beautifully!

2016 Anemone Limited Edition Perfume Bottle

reve d'infini lalique
What an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful perfume bottle this 2016 Anemone Limited Edition Perfume Bottle is, created and designed by nine of LALIQUE’s master craftsmen, this perfume bottle is one of the most unique and most beautiful crystal bottles we have ever laid eyes on! Named after the nymph Anemone, the crystal bottle is meant to symbolise innocence and purity. With gentle notes of jasmine, rose and a graceful blend of vanilla, this limited edition perfume bottle of wonder will keep you smelling absolutely drop dead gorgeous all day long!

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