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The Lotus Palette by Vera Mona will Become your New Favorite

vera mona lotus pallete

You’ve probably heard of their interesting and innovative products before, like the Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge, or the Color Switch Instant Brush Cleaner. The cosmetic brand Vera Mona has been described before as a game-changing beauty brand that will one day take the beauty industry by storm. Vera Mona even has a collaboration with Sephora that features the SEPHORA COLLECTION Cake & Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge, and the SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Switch Brush Cleaner, that can be found on Sephora’s website or in store. The COLOR SWITCH and Vera Mona the cosmetic brand was created by a young and beautiful entrepreneur named Letty Cabrera-Calvo. When creating this brand and the makeup removing sponge her main goal was to create something that quickly and easily allows you to change the color on your brush without having to use a liquid brush cleaner, and while becoming frustrated after sitting down to do her makeup and not being able to find anything the clean her brush with the COLOR SWITCH and Vera Mona Cosmetics were born. Cabrera-Calvo then began developing the idea as a part of her start-up business course while trying to achieve her MBA. This company is great for both MUA’s and everyday beauty enthusiasts alike because it sells products that can allow anyone to be as creative as they want to be, and through the use of the COLOR SWITCH sponge, and all of the other products the company sells, anyone truly can be. What we do know, based on the brand’s website, is they feature a product line of 15 products, which include the COLOR SWITCH Sponge and Proband, the CAKE & BAKE Sponge, the Lotus Palette, a Double Ended Brush, and different types and sizes of COLOR SWITCH refill sponges. The innovative technology of the COLOR SWITCH Sponge is awesome because it allows you to quickly switch between eyeshadow colors without mixing shades, getting multiple brushes dirty, or having to weight for your makeup brushes to dry after cleaning them. However, even though the COLOR SWITCH makes it so that you don’t have to clean your brushes as often, don’t let that mean you can get away with not cleaning your brushes at all, its main purpose is to help with applying makeup effortlessly and more efficiently. You can find Vera Mona products on their website, Sephora, and Amazon, as well as many wholesale beauty supply stores around the world. Vera Mona is perfect for everyone, Pro MUA’s as well as anyone who loves applying makeup but does not own many brushes to apply it with

Lotus Color Switch Palette + Double-Ended Brushes

Lotus Color Switch Palette

The Lotus Color Switch Palette comes with 8 unique eyeshadow shades, a double ended eyeshadow brush, a full-size mirror, and the one and only “Color Switch” Sponge. The 8 colors in this palette are beautifully pigmented and very vibrant. There are 3 matte shades, in Caper, Celosia, and Hollyhock, and 5 satin/shimmery shades, in Hydrangea, Clover, Hibiscus, Narcissus, and Lotus. There are plenty of gorgeous shades in this palette to create an unlimited amount of stunning makeup looks. We tried out two of Vera Mona’s brushes, one brush has a blending brush on one side and a liner smudging/defining brush on the other side and comes with the Lotus Palette, while the other brush has a large shading brush on one side and another smudging/defining brush on the other end. Both brushes are made with synthetic bristles to provide perfect application and blending. The Color Switch sponge is a really cool invention that allows you to instantly remove eyeshadow from your brushed so that you don’t have to use so many when applying your makeup. This sponge is great for makeup artists, especially if they are working on more than one client, to use so that they don’t go through as many brushes on the job, that way they also have fewer brushes to wash afterward.

Vera Mona Double Ended Brush

MTF Hack: Even though the eyeshadows in this palette work great on their own we at MyTopFace always recommend applying a little bit eyeshadow primer to your lids looks create and lasts all day.

It’s not every day that we at MyTopFace can agree on loving every product we try out, especially when it’s several products from one brand. But we guess that isn’t the case for Vera Mona. We absolutely loved and were beyond impressed by the products we tried from Vera Mona and for good reason. Let’s get started with first discussing the Lotus Palette. We at MyTopFace love how beautiful and versatile this palette is. Besides the fact that the eight shades in this palette compliment each other wonderfully they are also well made. Each color is very pigmented and as well as smooth and creamy in texture. While you will find that there is fallout when applying the shimmery shades it’s definitely forgivable with how well the shadows apply and how easily and effortlessly they blend. Even though we love all the eyeshadow shades in this palette, because they are great for all skin tones and give you the chance to create and abundance of fun makeup looks, if we had to choose our favorite color in the palette we at MyTopFace would without a doubt choose Lotus, a gorgeous and bright purple shade that can spice up any look from day to night or from casual to creative. This palette also comes with its own COLOR SWITCH Sponge which is why we at MyTopFace deem it a true winner in our books. We love the full sized mirror that is also included in this palette which makes applying your makeup on-the-go even easier. The double-ended makeup brush that comes in the palette isn’t like those cheap brushes that you find in palettes that don’t even work and are so annoying that you end up throwing them away anyways. This brush blended out eyeshadows, even eyeshadows that aren’t from the palette, beautifully and with no effort at all. The bristles on this are super gentle and soft, so much so that we at MyTopFace have chosen to add it to our makeup brush collection. The palette comes in very high quality and sturdy packaging and securely closes with a magnet so that just in case a mistake does happen you don’t end up with your eyeshadow all over your makeup bag or floor. If you’re looking for new products to try and are in the market for something fun and new rest that Vera Mona has our MyTopFace stamp of approval.


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