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The Pre-launch interview with the founder of Well-Kept Beauty Sheena Franklin

Well Kept Beauty

At MyTopFace we always love to discover new things about makeup and beauty including the tech world. One of our experts discovered a very interesting app called Well-Kept Beauty which is all about beauty products, ingredients and if they fit your skin well.

Check our interview with the founder and CEO of Well-Kept Beauty Sheena Franklin!

What path led you to the beauty industry?

I’ve always been interested in the business of beauty, and I’ve had a healthy obsession for lipstick since I was young. As a lobbyist, I worked on projects about the use of lead in lipstick. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work with many beauty industry leaders.

What’s motivated you to create this app?

I was a lobbyist for 17 years prior to becoming the founder and CEO of Well-Kept Beauty. I launched the app after working on cosmetic legislative reform. I noticed that the continued lack of protective policies kept consumers in the dark and needing to “figure it out.”

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In 2016, I fell victim to “figuring it out.” I accidentally used an expired product, and then tried a natural product to help my skin heal, which resulted in major skin issues. After a long journey back to healthy skin using spreadsheets, manual data, and trial and error, I wanted a better way to manage my skincare routine.

What makes your app idea unique?

Well-Kept Beauty is a mobile app that empowers beauty enthusiasts to know which cosmetic ingredients work best for them and when the ingredients expire or no longer perform. Well-Kept Beauty also leverages user data to empower brands to make smarter, faster choices for product development. We provide users with a highly personalized experience by using profile information and machine learning—not public reviews, comments, and surveys. No two profiles are the same.

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What’re your beauty secrets?

My beauty secret is to do everything in moderation. When I was growing up, my great-grandmother always told me if you live a life doing too much and moving too fast, you won’t like the results. I took her advice to heart. Now, as an adult, I know moderation is key with everything—food, stress, cosmetics, etc.

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How important is inside and outside beauty to you?

Beauty is something that’s hard to define. We shouldn’t hold one beauty standard above another, and it’s important to remember we’re all different. Beauty standards have also evolved over time. Nothing beats a positive attitude and using products that compliment your natural features.

As the creator of this app, how often do you use it yourself?

I have my entire skincare routine uploaded and tracked, including each product I use on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to using the features we’ve added.

What is the most rewarding part of working in the beauty industry?

The rise of women in leadership positions in the beauty industry is particularly exciting. Women are leaders in every area of the beauty industry now, which was just not the case ten years ago. This is so encouraging to a female founder like me. I can’t wait to see where we are in another ten years.

What’re your must-have beauty products?

A facial cleanser, day moisturizer with sunscreen, vitamin C serum, a night moisturizer, a mask, eye cream, eyeliner, mascara, and, of course, lipstick!

Are you using the same brands all the time or you trying something new?

I have developed a more stringent routine with my skincare and tend to stick to using the same products. If the formulation of a product changes or my skin changes, I incorporate new products one by one. When it comes to makeup, I keep it simple. I’m on the hunt for a new tinted moisturizer that has ingredients that are friendly to my sensitized skin. I consider myself a lipstick maven, so I’m always trying new brands and colors.

What beauty services do you do every month?

I do a microdermabrasion treatment every month. It leaves my skin glowing and keeps skin cells from clogging my pores. I’m not a fan of facials, but recently I had a vitamin C facial—I was blown away by the results! I want to incorporate the vitamin C facial into my monthly routine.

We can’t wait to get our hand on this app 🙂
You can go ahead and signup for prelaunch at official Well-Kept Beauty website.
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