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The Salon Project by Joel Warren

The Salon Project by Joel Warren

The Salon Project is a high-class hair salon created by celebrity hair colorist Joel Warren that has over 30 years of experience perfecting people’s hair. The Salon Project focuses on top-notch services aimed to bring the highest-quality results and lift expectations. Of course we wanted to try on the services and sent MyTopFace expert for the color service.

The Salon is located at top floor at Saks Fifth Ave in New York – the best location to feel yourself as a true celebrity. The salon has a great views at St.Patrics Cathedral and has a bright, filled with the light space which is necessary for acheiving perferct result.

From the very first step you take into the salon you feel taste of luxury and professionalism. The expert was greeted at the reception and escorted to the station where Ylenia, professional hairdresser and makeup artist started analyzing and preparing hair for being colored.

The salon project coloring

– Ylenia, how did your beauty journey begin?

My beauty journey began while working behind makeup counters in stores, I was testing with fashion photographers to build my portfolio as a makeup artist then gradually went into Men’s grooming.

– What haircuts do you specialize in?

I specialize in Men’s haircuts

– How did you start with The Salon Project?

I started with The Salon Project by getting a highly recommendation from a friend of mine, that is a client. She spoke highly of Joel Warren and said everyone loves working for him. I quickly sent an email, arranged a meeting with Joel and it’s been history from there!

– What style is the most popular these days? Is it more classy or funky/stylish?
Styles these days all depends on the individual and their lifestyle. There isn’t necessarily always a “popular” look.

– Our expert has curly and unruly hair – how do you suggest to ‘tame’ it?
To tame curly and unruly hair use shampoo, conditioners and styling products that contain anti-frizz and hydrating factors.

– How to take care of the curly hair if you don’t want to cut it short, but also don’t want to fluff it?
To take care of curly hair that you don’t want to cut short but also don’t want the fluff, stick with hydration and anti-frizz products. Get a dusting every 4 weeks.

– How often do you suggest to do a haircut to keep the same style?
In order to keep the same style I would suggest a haircut every 3- 4 weeks. Once again it also depends on that individuals look.

Once the hair was cut and ready Zoe took over and started the process of dyeing hair to blond so it could be colored green. The ‘blonding’ process was fairly quick and Zoe mixed a perfect color using Vivid Colorditioner and applying it to the hair.

The salon project hair coloring

– Zoe, How did you become a colorist?

Growing up over a hair salon in Staten Island I was always in the salon atmosphere. In 2012 I went to school at Hair design in Brooklyn, NyY and started my journey playing with color!

– What is your favorite color ?

Cool tones! Blues, purples, and silvery colors are usually added to all my formulas using Goldwell pure pigments.

– What type of service is your favorite?

I like to do grey transitioning turning the client from layers of color to a grey natural look. I also specialize in the bio light technique. It’s a cross between highlights and balayage using cotton pads to lighten the hair. In a result leaving the hair in good health!

– Do you do color for yourself?

Though I don’t recommend it, my hair is a low fade so I’m able to do my double process on myself. When I grow my hair out I’ll have someone else do it for me.

– How should a person prepare for hair coloring?

I recommend my clients to wash there hair the day before the color service using minimal styling products.

-Are there any precautions?

If you are experiencing any scalp irritation consult with a professional stylist before coloring your hair.

The salon project hair dyeing

– What is the best way to keep color longer?

Best way to keep the color longer is to keep shampooing your hair to a minimum. Using sulfate free shampoo and cool water.

– What is the best way to condition the hair but keep the color safe?

At The Salon Project, we are able to make custom take home conditioners to keep the color fresh and bright using Celeb Lux Viral. If you can’t make it into the salon don’t be afraid to add a few drops food coloring  to a hair mask and leaving it in for 5-10 mins.

The Salon Project Color Mixing

– How long will color last? What are signs of color needs to be done?

Depending on the service I recommend single/double process clients to come in every 6-8 weeks some go longer. Waiting to long could result in color correction so when the roots come in so should you 🙂

The Salon Project Zoe Ylenia

After the haircut & coloring process we did  little interview with Joel:

– Joel, what was your life before your beauty/hair-stylist journey?

I grew up in a veryfree-spiritedd house hold. Which left me to be on my own a lot. I think that made me very entrepreneurial. My parents were the product of the 70s. Which was an era of creativity and experimentation. To be a salon owner, being entrepreneurial, is very important. The job requires different skills each moment of every day. From being an accountant to a lawyer to an artist moment to moment. Growing up quickly helped and also being close to NYC the center of the world gave me the ability to see it all.

– How did your hair journey start?

My hair journey started by going to get a hair cut from a very attractive hair stylist that I started dating. She saw my creative side and brought me to Beauty school. Where I was the only male student in the class. I had a great time in school being pampered every day.

– What is your background?

I graduated high school then went to college for less then a year then beauty school. I have more of a street education then a scholastic one.

– In addition to being one of the Top hair-stylists you are also a great businessman – you have multiple successful projects in the past – before ‘The Salon Project’ – what made you want to have own place and run it successfully?

I have no idea I must be crazy. I always say I am on the no plan plan. It was natural for me to drive to be successful.

The salon project joel warren

– How ‘The Salon Project’ is different from what you did before?

The salon project is exactly that a project that has lots of new ideas . The concept is still morphing into what I think will be the salon of the future. The traditional salon model does not work any more and the world is changing along with the dynamics of a salon. I am creating a mixture of a salon and a retail mixture that is all about an experience. We started 18 months ago and I am still working out the details . I often say we are building the plane while we are flying. The combination of building a luxury brand that sits in the most luxurious department store in the world is what excites me. Services are the key to the success of the concept. The work/ art always is the priority. The best artists in an amazing atmosphere really is the goal.

– What do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s not a job anymore it’s a way of life basically I am thinking or molding the idea 24/7

– What is your favorite thing/what do you like to do when you not working?

I like to do different things all the time. I travel, play golf and just try to distract my brain so it can rest it from non-stop thinking about the salon project.

Bravo, Joel Warren !

MyTopFace x The Salon Project


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